Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grande Dame...Miss Richfield 1981

Miss Richfield's, and one of my favorite queenshas a  national appeal that includes riotous appearances on many late night shows ,and, most recently, as a television spokesperson for Orbitz, and is the queen behind the extremely successful tourism ad campaigns from the The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Corp, which have been aimed at the gay community to vacation in Philly......and it worked like a charm. Just love her style, and her shows are full of hilarity. Her live performances have received critical acclaim with The New York Post declaring Miss Richfield 1981  “the must-see act in Provincetown." and The Chicago Sun-Times describing Miss Richfield as “Garrison Keillor meets Mary Tyler Moore” In addition to selling out theaters throughout the country – including venues in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Rehoboth Beach,  and Atlanta – Miss Richfield continues to fill the Paramount Theater all summer long at the Crown & Anchor in Provincetown, MA, where she can currently be seen through next week in Sweet and Sour Richfield.  The diverse and magnetic appeal of Miss Richfield extends much wider to audiences such as a national scientific convention in New Orleans, a horse semen auction in Phoenix, and as a guest soloist with Doc Severinsen and the Minnesota Orchestra.
What makes Miss Richfield unique is the combination of Midwestern sensibilities with an off-the-page humor, stemming from her creator Russ King. As a former journalist and Minnesota native, King created the character with a rich history that begins with her life-long goal of being crowned beauty queen of her first-ring suburb of Minneapolis. Miss R has recently purchased a refurbished Apple II computer and entered the digital age hosting a weekly YouTube advice show called "Q & You" on the Gwist network at youtube.com/gwist. She invites you to join her online at MissRichfield.com, where she keeps a calendar of events. If she is in your neck of the woods....GO!
Here she is in New Hope with bartender Victor...
Take a gander......


  1. OMB, I would LOVE to see her perform; she would have me pissing myself laughing no doubt!

  2. Now were talking. My FAVORITE queen! The Philly spot is pretty funny!

  3. Love miss Richfield! She was the only entertaining thong about living on Minnesota before moving back to NYC!


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