Friday, September 13, 2013

The Weekend is Here.......Household Chores for Some

So nice it's the weekend.......the Mistress made it threw another almost full week!!!!!!! With the weekend here , that means most of us will be doing house hold chores while were off. I usually do mine during the week so I can go off and frolic.
Of all the things to do around the house which is your least favorite? I'm noisy like that.
Painting and home repairs?
Making the bed? 
Doing the floors? 
Waxing the car?
Cleaning the bathroom?
Doing Windows?
Vacuuming and cleaning?
Or do you hate them all? Around here , I have the houseboys , so I just get exhausted doing watching them!!!!! Have a good weekend all!!!! I know I'll be taking it easy since this will be the first weekend to do absolutely nothing, with no plans in WEEKS!!!!!!!! The bed is sooooooo calling my name and some sleeping in called for!!!!  Tootles!


  1. I'm torn between making the beds and waxing the car.
    Oh hell, I'll do 'em both!

  2. Anonymous9/13/2013

    Bathroom. No matter what I do with it, it looks old and tired.

  3. well, let's go down (heh heh heh) your list:

    painting/home repairs - we pay someone to do that
    making the bed - we NEVER do this
    gardening - spouse does this
    laundry - I do this
    floors - we both do this
    waxing the car - we NEVER do this
    bathrooms - spouse does this
    ironing - we NEVER do this
    windows - spouse does this
    cooking - we both do this
    vacuuming - I do this

    let's face it: housework is a bitch!

  4. well I do housework but hate doing it. The thing I hate most is folding laundry.And I like clean windows, but could you send that boy over, I like his method!

  5. To be in place of that car!!!! I do actually like to wax my jeep, but the rest...I'm probably lax.

  6. I do enjoy cooking, but the laundry gets pushed back...a lot!

  7. And I have a ton of house work to do and hate all of it!!! But these boys make it hot!


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