Friday, September 27, 2013

Away for The Weekend

Is everybody ready for the weekend!?!?
It was a hectic week at work and around the Casa du Borghese, but my motto has always been work hard and play hard. I'm heading out of town early tomorrow morning to visit my friends for their 10 year anniversary in Wilmington, Delaware where we are going to tour the Winterhur Gardens before the leaves change color and the flowers are gone...... I'll be back Monday! If you pop round though, Miss Moorecock will be here entertaining in the billiards rooms with some libations and the roulette wheel........
don't ask, I think she forgot to take her meds again out of the "special candy dish"! See y'all Monday!!!


  1. Anonymous9/28/2013

    Have fun! I'm going to OD on sports tomorrow and then watch The Good Wife on Sunday night.

  2. Have a lovely, dahling. As for Mz. Morecock, she looks like she just ate the pink canary! That cat is half in the bag! Pussy Galore, indeed. I'd spin that wheel, but I'm too afraid of catching something nasty. Meeeeow! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Someone else found the special candy dish to I assume?

  3. Have a nice weekend honey.

  4. Are you certain your taking enough for a weekend get-a-way? A true diva in every sense. Enjoy Winterhur dahling!

  5. I'd rather spin a houseboy.

  6. I think you may need one more bag just in case!

  7. What a charming pussy that Miss Anita is!

  8. Have a great weekend. I love Moorecock , but can we play a good game of pin the dollar on the houseboy?

  9. The roulette wheel must be a left over from the speak easy night?


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