Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Attention Straight and Lesbian Readers

The Mistress is always about doing her part for community service and helping out some poor suckers. So any of my straight or lesbian readers that need a date with someone special here is the newly single Lindsay Lohan. She is stalking, I mean, searching, for a new love baby. And she even has her profile video ready to go. Any takers? There won't be a dull moment, I promise


  1. It's sad, cuz it's true.

    Crazy made a video.

  2. Cali-Boi4/15/2009

    She is crasy and your sick Mistress! Funny as hell!

  3. Mahogany Empress4/15/2009

    At least she has a sense of humor about her sorry ass. I hadn't seen this yet.

  4. wow...TRAIN WRECK!!!!!

  5. Picture my head. Now picture my hand in the shape of a capital "L" raised to my forehead.


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