Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Bonnets

The Mistress just loves herself a good, fabulous chapeau to make a entrance. And Easter is one time durning the year that many swank women and a few classy queens par take in wearing a beautiful chapeau, with the exception being the Ascot Races in England. I don't know why women stopped wearing hats. I have always viewed the hat essentially as a functional article of clothing. Don't hats exist to keep one warm, dry, shaded from the sun and to make one self look fabulous? That's why they should be in our homes, or so I believe. Even the male Mistress has so straw hats and one pimp hat! But dress hats however have more in common with sculpture than with clothing. You know what I'm talking about. The haute couture, over the top hats the Mistress loves. Hats not only need not function, they don't even need to fit. The good milliner- when succeeding at the highest level, like the good sculptor, understands and skillfully manipulates the medium of materials. The results can be interesting, entertaining and fun to wear.


  1. Here in Smallville, we have two 'Cups" a year: the Carolina Cup in Spring and the Colonial Cup in Fall. At both, the women, young and old, wear their fabulous hats. Looking at them is almost as enjoyable as the races!

  2. Mahogany Empress4/13/2009

    I love me a big hat! The bigger the better! Hats should be a staple, I agree. Most us girls are just to lazy to look fashionable and chic anymore. I say function before comfort.

  3. I think hats look lovely and elegant, Easter or anytime. If I were a woman I would definitely have all kinds of hat and would wear them for no special reason.


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