Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peace Valley Park

This pass Sunday the Mistress, Boy-Toy and our new addition, Buster Borghese all went to Peace Valley Park which is just a mile up the road. It is a huge man made lake and has many amenities to offer. The lake encompasses 1600 acres of land with boating, walking, jogging, hiking trails,a nature center and lots of picnickers. We often go there to take our run/walk around the lake, and sometimes go for canoe ride. And it is funny because every time we are up there the Boy-Toy pushes to run more of the lake every time! "Oh, just to the next tree" he says. Yeeeaaaa right! Anywho. there is also plenty of wild life to be seen there too. I always take my camera because you never know what you'll see. Here are some of the pictures I snapped from this weekend. The one with the turtles is really neat. Believe it or not we have seen some turtles even bigger then these!


  1. I loves turtles. I've had some in the pond and watched them go toe to fin with big koi so they could get their share of the koi kibble.

  2. That's pretty. It seems like a good place to walk and watch the wildlife and reminds me of the lake I walk around except bigger.

  3. I love turtles...I think they're so cute! How's things with Buster? any better? does he have you guys wrapped around his little finger yet? ;)

  4. I've been added to your blog list! Thank you! :-)


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