Friday, April 3, 2009

The Mistress Creates

I have been a little scarce this week as I have been at another store to help create some beauty for one of their upcoming visits. For those of you just tuning in, the Mistress by day is a visual stylist, not a ho to popular belief. I take care of styling and creating on a daily basis that includes flower arranging, create visual moments with mannequins in the latest trends from young women's career wear to men's styling to couture. I also create visual displays for handbags and jewelry which can be very hard to do and very tedious. Then their are the special set ups like store events, trunk shows, fragrance and cosmetics launches. I have always enjoyed visual display. My original background and degree though is in interior design which I still enjoy very much and do more free lance now than anything. But that another story. But this week, the Mistress had only two days to get the store to look better and create something fast. The first project was for the company Free People. The store wanted a new look for the vendor so I came up with this.

This was quite a feat. Over a thousand butterflies needed to be cut out of white paper and hot glued to chicken wire used to form a skirt around the mannequin, in addition to adding clusters through the shop to add dimension. It turned out very nicely though. I understand more stores many implement it now. The other project was to create some visual for peasant tops which are a big trend currently. So the Mistress wallpapered two small walls with solid flowers.

I dressed one mannequin in a outfit and on the other I carried the floral theme to a mannequin to bring dimension to this shop and a touch of whimsy. Some of the other concepts I and my assistant worked on were white denim set ups. White denim is a huge trend this spring and summer.

And finally the Mistress also had to re-merchandise the denium department in womens and also change a men's moment. Thank God she had the mechandising team to help with these small feats!

So today I was back at my own store again. I was tired as hell this morning, but recovered from all the pressure to think quick and use what resources that store had to use. You know the Mistress's pea brain hurt from that. But I'm feeling pretty good now and thinking dinner out this weekend and probably some good mind altering clubbing this weekend. It's that old saying -work hard and play hard! Tootles!


  1. Maddie:

    Girl, I've always said you know how to HOOK IT UP!!!

    Great work.



  2. Wow. Those displays are fantastic!
    I love the butterflies...beautiful!

  3. Oh Mistress, you are quite talented! Your 'visuals' and 'moments' are lovely.

    Have a fab weekend, doll.

  4. Cali-Boi4/03/2009

    Wow! Not only do you have good taste in men, but your damn talanted Mistress. That is very beautiful. I so need you to help me dress better like those male dummies. Damn they look good. I always look decked out in Abercrombie.

  5. Anonymous4/03/2009

    WOW, Madge you always were the best!! Gorgeous displays.

  6. yous got some fierce skills!!!

  7. I always wondered what super talented Ho put those clothes, and design together.
    Go on with your bad self Ho.

  8. Loved your moments, gurl! If you ever decide to become a Texan, let me know and we hook you up with some coins!

  9. I loved getting to see what you do! The butterflies are gorgeous! Thank you!

  10. Mahogany Empress4/04/2009

    Oh Mistress, you do have a knack! Those are some very beautiful displays. I can so see you wearing that dress made of the butterflies! Wouldn't that be a show stop? What talent.

  11. Sam- this ho thanks you. And I will have more creative thoughts now since a basket showed up!

    Miss Ginger- Hell girl if I ever move or not to Texas I'm looking you up ho! Thank you for your kindness.

    Mame-I can also hook up other thing as well!!!

    The rest of you masses- thank you for your kind words. Your too much!

  12. Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan4/04/2009

    Maddie, when I saw your drag pictures, it doesn't surprise me now why our store looks so nice all the time. You really have some talent for a pretty face.

  13. Maddie is ridiculously talented. When we moved in together, I threw out many, many things that I had considered "decorative" at my previous place.

    The Mistress replaced all the hockey posters on the wall with mirrors, and the wooden coffee/card table became a glass circular thing with flowers on it. Sometimes I'm afraid to touch things, because I'm afraid I'll screw things up. :)

    As you can see, she has ALL the taste and flair.

  14. Can you come help me decorate my house, I could use your services! What a talent!

  15. Tabatha4/05/2009

    I use to do this years ago and I have to say I miss it alot. Great work here. Looks like a lot of fun on the creation front.

  16. HOOK IT UP aint even the word for it Mistress!!!!! DAMN! You got it goin on BIG TIME!!!!

    I've always wondered who does those displays in need to come my way and do some of that fabulousnessitivity..ness....

  17. Marrissa Devine4/06/2009

    That is so beautiful looking Mistress. I would love to see your house. With display and interior design, plus drag that's quite a busy art there! Wonderful work!

  18. Gym Bot4/06/2009

    God- that is beautiful. You must keep a wonderful place to live for the Boy-Toy!


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