Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeling our Oats

It was a nice weekend with spring just about here. Saturday was very sunny and a bit windy out. The day was spent doing some cleaning and a good washing of the drapery in the boudoir and living rooms plus we opened all the windows to let in the spring fresh air. I think in another two or three weeks we will be in the full swing of spring. I snapped these pictures on Friday on the way home from work.

After all the cleaning was done the Mistress and her entourage thought what the hell, we would head out tonight to New Hope. We haven't been out lately to visit our friends there. So off to The Nevermore Hotel for some drinks and dancing! The Nevermore is the latest club for the randy queens there. And randy they were. And the Mistress loves the swank digs of the place. The foyer offers wonderful views to make that entrance.

And once in, you walk through the foyer and into the lounge/club area for yet another fabulous entrance.

In just a couple of weeks the Miss Gay Pennsylvania USofA Pageant will be held here, but that will be another post. For this weekend though, I can somewhat remember a good time was had by all. Around 12:30 it became a bit blurry for the Mistress as she was getting hit by the spirit sneaking up on her. By two o'clock she had fell out (so she was told the next day). Sunday was ugly. The Mistress was hung, so she sent the Boy-Toy and friends away for the day so she could recover in peace and then took a walk around the lake. So all and all another nice weekend with some more cleaning done and some partying. All I know, this old grey mare ain't what she used to be!!!


  1. Well, it sounds to me like the old grey mare had a fabulous time!

  2. I wish it would warm up here so our trees would start to bud and bloom. As usual, sounds like you and the Boy Toy had a fun weekend!

  3. Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan4/07/2009

    So you are a Mag Wildwood aren't you? You didn't mention falling out yesterday.

  4. Dan- It was a night of debachery that's all I'm saying.

  5. Cali-Boi4/07/2009

    Yea, I so need to come to Philly to party with you. You sound so damn funny, it would be cool to hang out. I won't try anything....

  6. Mistress...you are quite the photographer! those are lovely! I wish we had some trees like that around here...or at least a good gay bar to hang out in. Do the gays hate it when straight people hang it in their bars? I've only been to one and that was YEARS ago, with Baby Daddy. ahhhh....good times, good times.

    Love you Mistress!

  7. Mahogany Empress4/07/2009

    Girl -it's the old saying work hard and play hard. I can't talk either as I was out with some of the boys from Bump when they got off and got a wee bit drunk myself and fell. Pretty funny too ,except I broke my new heels!!!

  8. Beth- Hell no! We welcome all in Philadelphia. Come on down I take you out tootes!


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