Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Someone please, anyone, hand me my smelling salts!!!!!
I am still reeling after the Drag Race last night. Have RuPaul and the judges got serious cataracts, or have they been doing this too long to judge anymore?!?!?!? How , how is that bitter fat cup still on the show!?!?! You'd think the stage hands and set decorators would get tried of reinforcing the stage and runway week after week!!!! I went and looked. Darienne has won one challenge and placed high on another, but was consistently in bottom two, or rated low, yet she is STILL there. Ru and the other two, have been over critical on other queens in the past and gotten rid of them quick so what's the deal?!??
So my favor is would someone swing by the Cheesecake Factory and get a cheesecake and go lure her off the damn set. Actually, make that two.


  1. I was dumbfounded. DeLa won the Mini Challenge and far, FAR F**KING FAR, outshone Darienne on the runway.
    This just too much, and I think, in addition to the cheesecakes we'll need a couple of racks of ribs, too.

  2. I am shocked too. I have seen Ben perform, and will admit she is not the best lip syncher, but really? She was much more put together then that seasoned queen.

  3. If for some reason Bianca goes next, I'm so done with this show. And if you ask me, santino and Michelle don't know much about drag anyhow. Drag is suppose to be campy and not matchy matchy. How many times have we heard bring more elegant runaway? Why should these queens comprises their style.


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