Thursday, April 10, 2014


Scarlet Envy is a campy, pretty drag queen with a thirst for whiskey and morals that are as low as her heels. She always loved a good theatrical number, something with a song and monologue mixed together. Scarlet arrived in NYC from Louisville, KY back in 2010 mainly for the hype about the pizza. Since her arrival she has transitioned from partygoer to drag queen performing at various nightlife parties as well as hosting her own weekly party Scarlet Fever. Once in New York,  she  fell into the scene.   The Brooklyn underground royalty took her in and it was fast friends from there! Her friend Jenna Tonic who took her on as a cohost for their show Size Queens.  When she had to leave the show Scarlet took it on as her own. Scarlet's favorite part of drag is meeting the people who make up the culture. The scene is changing fast, and we are part of a true renaissance of gender transcending. It is a definite art form, and everyone has something to offer–from the high rolling queens to the ones wearing fake lashes for the first time.

You can catch Scarlet Envy performing every Friday at Scarlet Fever over at This n’ That in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  This n’ That is located at 108 N. 6th Street between Berry and Wythe off of the L train.  Show begins at midnight.


  1. Well, she looks and sounds like a party!

  2. It's like looking in the mirror isn't it Mistress!?!?

  3. She is making great waves in Brooklyn, you go girl!


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