Monday, January 23, 2012

The Gayborhood Adjacency

Just back in from taking the country mouse, Buster Bolfig, back into center city Philadelphia to the ex-boy-toy's place. On my way back, I always pass Woody's Bar and Lounge. For you out of town folk, it is probably Philly's largest and oldest bar now in Philly.

All this time I never noticed what was next door, probably because I usually leave Woody's in a haze. What's next door you ask?

A place called Sweet Ending. Imagine how many leave Woody's for the night hoping for a sweet ending! And you can't see it in the picture, but they had a poster that read," Still don't know, come on in!" Oh dear. And not far from there is yet another fun place.....

I will say, it is like candy land down there. Us gays are a fun bunch.


  1. Hee hee! No one does double entendres as well as our community.

    Hey Mistress, I'm a rooster too! Gung hey fat choy.

  2. I love sweet endings, the place not the, well you know! But your right. If you walk around enough the places in the gayborhood do have some very very names,lol!!!

  3. I'm guessing they have lots of "top"ings!

  4. I'm always leaving a bar with a woody, on the prowl for a sweet ending from some tutti frutti.

  5. oh my what a tasty neighbor you have there my darling one could shall we say have a yummy evening ;)


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