Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Ghosts of Drag Race Past.......

We were visited by the ghosts of Drag Race past recently.........

Miss Yara Sofia

Miss Jujubee

Miss Raven

Miss Carmen Carrera

Miss Raja

Miss Pandora Boxx

Miss Tyra Sanchez

Miss Stacey Layne Matthews

Miss Shannel

Miss Ongina

Miss Jessica Wild

Miss Venus D Lite

Miss Delta Work


  1. Anonymous1/04/2012

    Where is everyone buying their lips and hips from and can you make an appointment for me?

  2. I loves me some Raven, but Pandora's my girl.

  3. Faaaabulous!!!

    But I think that Miss Tyra looks a little creepy with those contacts!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE miss Raja she is gorgeous and so sweet. i would totally want to be her BFF but i'd feel very inferior next to her beauty

  5. I love drag queens. Love them.

    I LOVE being a man, trust me, but I have tried drag a couple of times and I really wanted to be pretty - only to figure out I can't be pretty like that lol.

    So on a certain level I am jealous of how many dqs can create such an illusion, even the campy ones.

    I made a very masculine woman - the kind that couldn't pass even in a dark room with back lighting, and what is a handsome masculine face and body (much slimmer back then) turns into a horse faced scary chick with really broad shoulders.

    So I have had to accept my fate - if I want to do drag it has to be not only campy but the genderfuck kind of drag.

    But I wonder what it would be like to become a Yara or Jujubee or Raven, a Delta or Nina or Maddie (lol).

    Hugs and bows to the Mistress!

  6. Amazing shots! And you know Raven was and still is my favorite racer!

  7. When Raja walked through the door the first time, I KNEW she was a winner. She's classy and has a good sense of over the top style

  8. If they all looked like they do here on the show, it would have been a real nasty catfight!!! Love Delta's shirt!

  9. Now that's alot a stunning queens right there.

  10. Craigery- Love your comment! All I can say after 3 1/2 hours and two cock-a-tails later it still amazes me about transmations of myself and others. And no matter how far done, it really all comes together when the wig goes on!

    Tabs- Why all it takes is some extra padding for the hips. But there are tricks with make-up to get the lips appear bigger, or just get collgen injections!!!!

  11. If you ask me, they all look pretty damn amazing!

  12. I almost didn't recogizine Jujubee! She looks incredible. But they all look so great, Shannel-wow!

  13. Great post, thanks for sharing the pictures, you never get to see what they look like after the show! I just show Manilla at a show and she looked fierce!

  14. Ahhhh, drag queens really do make everything more fun and bright, like rainbows and bright colors!

  15. They all lokks great but Yara......holy shit! I always did like her. And Raven looks stunning too!

  16. And could you imagine a house haunted by them? I don't know whether I'd be scared or to enjoy it!

  17. Loving the post and the queens, but agree with Tiger, Tyra's contacts are a bit errie.

  18. Mistress MJ suddenly feels rather dowdy.

  19. They all look so stunning!

  20. Anonymous1/23/2014

    I'm surprised that no one noticed but two of the photos are labelled incorrectly. That isn't Jujubee, it's Mariah. And, that isn't Carmen Carerra but Shangela.


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