Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day with Royal Hats!

Well, the Mistress isn't quite back yet as I'm enjoying my time off and getting ready to go to my day spa appointment! What a week of pleasure. It was to rain today, but I think we all got a gift of sunshine on the Royal Wedding Day of Prince William and Kate Middleton. OF COURSE, YOU KNEW THE MISTRESS WOULD BE FRONT AND CENTER! I just HAD watch. I thought the whole event was fairy book, while still being modern day style. But if you know the Mistress, you know she loves herself a lovely chapeau! And it seems like every other lady went with a chapeau. It seems Philip Treacy, one of England top milliners reined supreme. Here were the dames who the Mistress though WORE that hat!


The grandmother of the groom – and England's reigning monarch – looked very happy and glowing, and shows her sunny side in an all-yellow design by her personal assistant Angela Kelly.


The groom's royal cousins make for a dashing duo in their Philip Treacy hats. Eugenie sets off her bold blue floral Vivienne Westwood suit with an equally electric hat with feathers and flowers, while Beatrice accents her red locks with a sculptural blush topper to match her Valentino coat. Very chic and avant garde for the Royal family.


The stepmother of the groom complements her Anna Valentine champagne dress and two-tone coat with an airy Philip Treacy hat, one of up to 100 he's made for guests at the ceremony and parties.


The younger sister of Prince Charles blooms in a purple topper with netting and a large flower, matching her floral coat and violet dress


The mother of the bride adds something blue in her sky blue silk dress and matching passementerie coat, paired with a matching hat by Berkshire based milliner Jane Corbett.


The next royal to get married stands out in an intricate black Philip Treacy hat, paired with a periwinkle look by Paul Costelloe


The stylish socialite makes quite a striking photo as she entered Westminster Abbey. Palmer-Tomkinson is a vision in blue, topping her Deborah Milner off-the-shoulder dress and matching Nicholas Kirkwood shoes with a rosette-topped fascinator by Philip Treacy.


The fixture on international best-dressed lists proves her fashion mettle with a pewter Philip Treacy hat with sprays of roses. Chic and elegant.


Accompanying her husband Prince Michael of Kent, the royal family member adds a swath of teal organza to her white hat. Is she not regal?


The wife of the heir to the Belgian throne is terrific in teal, including her structured Philip Treacy hat.


Accompanying her husband, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, the Spanish beauty adds a touch of flair to her black netted suit with a spray of red roses. How sharp!!!


The expectant star,singer, designer matches a swingy navy dress from her own collection to a dramatic floral Philip Treacy fascinator. Her VERY SEXY and handsome husband is by her side in a traditional top hat, also from Treacy. Victoria, you better keep a eye on that man of yours from the Mistress's wiles!


The Spanish princess is a vision in pink, down to her tulle-topped hat. She looks just so adorable.


Prince Edward's wife stayed neutral in a beige dress and coat with a rosette spray from Jane Taylor perched on the side of her blonde hair.


Born Sophie Winkleman, the daughter-in-law of the Duke and Duchess of Kent, is in the navy in her diamond-patterned suit and sculpted straw hat with festive twirls.

Well, I just had to share what I love most about the day of the wedding, besides the handsome couple of course. Any excuse to wear a great chapeau is a good day to me! Now back to my day. I'll be back soon! Tootles!


  1. The last hat is my favourite!

  2. seriously, the best part of any UK event are the hats! *faints from glamorous vapors* i know it's all so dyed-to-match, but i love the drama of them nonetheless. the cobalt blue ensemble (MUST be spoken with the french accent to give the outfit its due) is pure drag and i love it: that hat is the business.

    how did you feel about Le Dress? i was underwhelmed and not b/c it was simple & understated. i hope you feel moved to do a full post on it, b/c i'd love to hear your perspective... i really think that only The Great McQueen could pull off the tailoring his name is now known for ~ sarah has thus far fallen short in that regard for me. so for that reason, i think she should've picked another house to do this dress, but it was pretty, if nondescript. #MyTwoCents

  3. loved the hats...totally off the chain

  4. Loves the British/Royals and their hats. Beatrice's does remind me of the laughing squid. It was kind of scary....

  5. Those are fun! I want a hat now.

  6. The hats rivaled those usually seen at Ascot...and personally I think many of them should have been saved for Ascot. This was not the day to wear creative designs - it detracts from the Bride - in particular Zara's. IMHO

  7. well, I at the last minute got a bug so I couldn't make it to work, funny huh! So I watched. I love Beatrice’s hat! Though it does look Gagaesque. And I 'd so wear Lady Fredrick's hat to church anytime!

  8. Wow. Those are some serious hats. It's odd that the wide brim has been discarded for taller hats. It was far more chic fashion then Diana and Charles's wedding. Can't wait to hear about your week too!

  9. Great news as I am a big Philip Treacy fan. However I was glad to see the bride herself wore a least when she leaves the church a la Fergie. But whether you liked or disliked thehas you have to admit they were a site to be seen!

  10. I love watching this am! And the hats were just stunning except Betrice'! That was was odd. And I'm guessing Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is the life of the party in that blue! WOW! Now that's is bold!

  11. Why are the British fixated on looking like birds?

  12. I am so glad Mistress you took a break from your vacay to do a post on this! LOVES IT! I think it is neat to see this because here in the states you just don't see this upper crust fashion at our weddings even the really rich. And I think Zara Philips will have a wedding to see also in July.

  13. Love the post! I was shocked to see the fashion be so modern and chic. And the hats were shocking. Posh looked very subdue I though and her hat was the most odd I though. But her hubby! Huba Huba!

  14. I'm in the mood for a great hat party now! Lets have one when I come to new york huh? The wedding was beautiful!

  15. Tara Palmer Tomkinson? Miaow! That raised brows for sure I'm guessing! I wouldlove to hear what the queenie thought of her,lol! TPT's hat seemed an odd choice, like an arrowhead pointing straight at her wonky nose...

    But a masterpiece compared to Princess Beatrice's "antlers"!

  16. The hats are fascinating! Enjoyed the wedding.

  17. I was hoping you would do a post on this! I love see it of the tube. And those British ladies and their hats! When a first heard the term "facinator" used, I was like, whoa!:) Whoever put those hats on Prince Andrews girls head should be arrested IMHO, but the rest I loved. Really liked Princess Michael of Kent and Princess Mathilde's hats.

  18. Yeah, you popped up for the wedding! You know I love me a good hat also! These inspired me to host a royal wedding HAT PARTY! I can already not wait for Zara's wedding. And Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert of Monaco arealso getting married soon. A year for royal weddings.

  19. The hats ruled the day at the Royal Wedding! From the super
    fabulous...all the way to the precariously perched birdcages. It was a beautiful day! My favorite- I love Sophie’s though!

  20. I usually don't get into all this pomp but even I was enthralled by all of it. The British ladies sure do know how to dress!

  21. Anonymous4/29/2011

    Great post! Watched this all day on BBC America... A fantastic spectacle for sure! The Mad Hatter would have been in his glories! My absolute fave... David Beckham's Top Hat -and the Man who did it "awesome"!!!

  22. I didnt watch toda but now im watching the run coverage. Its nice to see all the pomp and circuminstance that the europeans do that we don't do here. And what was with Samantha Cameron? She looked stunning in that dress, but she was not appropriately dressed for such a great occasion. She really should have worn a hat, It's correct dress for women to wear a hat to a wedding in Britain. Other countries don't but she is British, this is in Britain and it is tradition, and there is nothing wrong with tradition.

  23. It sure was a day! Miriam's hat? Horrible. Black and a wedding?....looks like a Halloween outfit! And Camillia Parker Bowles just looks like a cranky old bag! How she didn't fill Diana's shoes!

  24. Anonymous4/29/2011

    Loved so many of these hats! And I was SO TURNED ON that David Beckham had a top hat. HOT!

  25. I am love love loving all the hats. Especially the fascinators! They are GORGEOUS and so creative. Not pictured in your post was Kitty Spencer.I love Kitty's (daughter of Earl of Spencer) hat and dress, which was by Victoria Beckham. She looked great!

  26. Love your post honey! Poor Beatrice though. I loved Beatrice's hat. It was adorable because, and I guess no one else noticed today, it is a stylized version of the former Princess Katherine's Royal Crest. Beatrice loves to wear hats that point to her Royal heritage. Earlier this year she rocked an event by wearing a hat made entirely of monarch butterflies. She must have enjoyed the humor of a female monarch covered in monarchs, and butterflies, a totally feminine symbol worn by a princess whose name also is also shared by a hardworking royal insect, the bee. You go Beatrice! Love your sense of humor and style.

  27. and how about te onster size clutch Zara carried?

  28. Wow...whole different world. :) I have to wonder... how do they keep them on their heads? lol.As hats were required to be worn by the ladies at the Royal Wedding, there was a showcase of some extraordinary, dare I say bizarre, headpieces to gander at. there were many fascinating fascinators on display. Many of them had a flair that were difficult for many of us Americans to comprehend. Art? Origami? Well, we can give them much credit for their creativity. Festive indeed! Thanks for sharing the pics, it was cool to see. Isn't the Mistress fond of head gear?

  29. So dramatic!
    Tara Palmer electric blue is stunning, Mistress!
    Have a fabulous weekend!


  30. How did I miss this post? I LOVED the hats at this wedding. It was almost like a drag show!


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