Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grande Dame of the Week

This week the Mistress brings you yet another of the Puerto Rican divas,Felix Chevremont, who just so happens to be close diva friends with Nina Flowers and Yara Sofia. The three of them have had many shows together at the Krash Nightclub, and their act is becoming extremely popular! Felix can always be counted on for a good ole charity show anytime. Felix is also known for her stunning image and her very high energy shows. Felix is also the one putting all the shows together and choreographing the dance routines for the numbers. She squeezes all this in around being a AIDS activist and a charity worker.


  1. So pretty.

    I love looking at all the gorgeous ladies.

    I need a girl's night out...

  2. In a few of these pics, she totally reminds me of Kathy Griffin.

  3. this circle of nina is getting firece with queens!

  4. Anonymous4/13/2011

    What a beautiful Grande Dame!!! -enhanced even more-so by her activism and commitment to charity. She has that gorgeous, exotic, tad of a young Joan Collins look!


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