Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bringing In The Sun

The last two days has let much time for the Mistress to play or blog as I have been busy at work with the next spring installations for the all white coming trend in clothing. And just so tired of this rain and dark skies, although the sun finally came out today. This morning before going to work I clipped some daffodils for the inside to brighten it up. I figured if the sun won't come out, I'll bring it in! And they are so cheery aren't they? Now I'm turning in for the night.More on the flower project soon!!!


  1. When the Ponder children were in elementary school I took a store bought bunch of daffodils to the school secretaries - no more worthy bunch of women on the planet - unfortunately they froze from on the way from the car to the office...

  2. Anonymous4/15/2011

    Never underestimate "flower power"! I agree totally... they can easily transform the gloomiest of days. Here's wishing you a good rest, and many sunny days ahead "Sunshine!"


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