Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Joisey Housewife

Sooooooooooo, today the Mistress went to work and does what she does best, play in women's clothes!!! I was minding my P's&Q's working on a huge focal wall with several mannequins, when I hear someone ask for some help? I turn to make sure I'm being the addressed. A woman asks if I can help her as she sees that I'm coordinating clothing for the new trends for the mannequins. So the Mistress always one to help a damsel in distress, says "Why of course!" So I ask her a few questions but what she is looking for and what type of event it's for and we go from there. We made several fabulous selections and then I turn her over to an available sale associate to continue helping her. After 45 minutes the woman comes back and said she purchased several of the outfits I helped her with. She said who better to listen to than the fashion display stylist? She was very complimentary and she said she wished I could help her again. The whole time this was going on I knew she looked familiar. After she finally left the sale girl came over and asked if I knew her. I said no, but she looked familiar from some where. Turns out it was Danielle from the Joisey Housewives!!!

Now, I'm not a huge reality show fan as some who know the Mistress will vouch. Actually, can't stand them!!! I also thought that these people are absolutely nuts and crazy to be on these shows and they act so damn immature and what have you. But several times now I have seen some of these people on others shows, and now in person, and they have been the nicest people. Danielle today couldn't have been more personable and sweet! A real nice time. Just goes to show the networks can really edit the hell out of a show and make some look bad! I feel terrible making judgement on them. Except Rachael Zoe. And Paris Hilton. And the crew on the Hills. And.....Let me quit while I'm head. Tootles!


  1. Anonymous4/22/2010

    Check out my fashion illustration giveaway, you deserve it.
    Xox David

  2. hmmmmm, wonder why she was so far from New Jersey? Watch out she might bring a camera crew back with her!

  3. See? This is why you should watch more reality TV. ;-)

  4. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan4/23/2010

    With all your talent, and good taste you'll be servicing the rich and famous yet.

  5. I didn't watch the show except once, but she was the one I thought would be the most fun.

  6. Girl I'm surprised you even gave her the time! You hate reality shows bitches. Pretty cool though.

  7. I always liked her best! Cool job you have.

  8. Coco de Mere4/24/2010

    Girl, I swear I wish I lived your life sometimes. Not just because of this but because you also find intrest in nothing. As for the housewives will you now watch the new season?


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