Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Death by.............

Death by M&M'S

For anyone who has eaten the whole box, or bag, or carton the photographs in this series make light of our secret binges. Here, the consequences of indulgence are tabloid or monster movie deaths. Daniela Edburg’s Drop Dead Gorgeous show both mocks and satisfies our cravings. Born in Houston in 1975, Daniela Edburg grew up in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She got her bachelor’s degree in visual arts from the National University in the excellence program at the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City, where she still lives and works.

Death by Gummi Bears

Death by Nutella. Couldn't help but think of our TrannyBeth!

Death by Saran wrap. Ohhhh how this has happened to me a few times!

Death by Oreos


  1. Where's "Death By Arby's"? Although that would be false ... Arby's brings LIFE!

    I think I've experienced "Death by Stovetop Stuffing" before. Next time I'll take a picture.


  2. Now that is a creative exhibit! Mine would have to be potato chips!

  3. Anonymous4/27/2010

    Great pictures. Very creative. I could do one for chips/salsa.

  4. If I were to do a picture of my death it would involve lots of chocolate syrup!!! Neat idea for a work of arts.

  5. Cool pictures! My death will have condoms somewhere in there!

  6. Batina4/28/2010

    Yea, I'm so there with the M&m's!

  7. Cali-Boi your funny! Mine would have to make-up! Cute artist!

  8. I checked out her website and she has a lot of these and pretty funny too I must say.


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