Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Deeper Love

"People, let me tell ya, I work hard everyday, I get up out of bed and put on my clothes ,cause I got bills to pay...." You remember the song? Well it is probably my FAVORITE club song of all time. The song was by the group Clivilles and Cole before they took the name C&C Music Factory. This most fabulous song was my coming out song to the gay world in the mid 90"s,talk about old school. The gay boys had some serious church to this ditty! The cha-cha palace we went to was packed and when this song came on,the dance floor was filled to capacity. So the boys would dance wherever they were. At the bar, in the waiting areas, on the staircase that lend down from the upstairs bar area and I'm betting even in the bathrooms! I have to date, never seen a song affect people into such a frenzy! If you were in the middle of a hook-up,that went to the way side to cut a ditty to this song. My friend Vera and I and Mame also,before she left to the Big Apple,would tear the song up. And just when you though you had enough,the DJ would play it again. I remember being soaking wet coming off the floor. Years later Aretha Franklin did a re-make of the song, but as much as I love girlfriend, she didn't come anywhere near Deborah Cooper's vocals,or tearin' the hell up out of this song. Between her and Cliviles and Cole this version was just incredible with all parts of the song doing their parts perfectly. Best.Club.Song.Ever. Excuse me now while I have some church. Tootles!


  1. This song was before my time, but INCREDIBLE! You just don't hear shit like this in clubs anymore! Being more young than your fabulous self, I'll admit club music is ok now, but not anything like you had!!! I wonder why they don't re-play this? I wanna go dnace now. Great story too. Lets hear some early sex ones now, heh?

  2. I remember that no matter where any of us were at Stallions, when this song came on we all RUSHED to the middle of the dance floor. And there we met for CHURCH!

    Me likee!!


  3. Freakin love this song!!!!!!!! And I agree with you on Deborah. she killed Aretha's version. Didn't even touch it!

  4. Coco de Mere4/11/2010

    Girl I think I was heart jupmed from death many a time from this song!!! Your right, it was the best song ever! Back in the day it was the bible of songs!!! There's those chills again.

  5. Love the stories with the songs! Boy, does this take me back!


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