Monday, April 19, 2010

Have You Met David Gregory?

Over the weekend I saw a clip on one of those their entertainment shows of soap actor David Gregory who is on One Life to Live currently. Girls, have you seen this man? The temperatures went up in the house by 15 degrees when I saw him. Now I don't watch soaps, but if I was home in the day.....well, it would be a date with me and ABC at 2pm to watch this handsome hunk on One Life to Live!!!

Sooooooo, the Mistress just had to you tube him to see what came up, no pun intended! And this clip sum it up for what his body is like. The first scene is very cute as his character Ford, and I do mean built Ford tough, is room mates with one of the shows gay characters. And of course in walks the boyfriend in one of those awkward situations. 
I'll crack that back!!!!!


  1. Anonymous4/19/2010

    Wow. He is HOT!! Gotta love the soaps. Not ashamed at all the totally use the bodies of their actors. Love it!

  2. He is the friend of a friend of mine so I met him once. The nicest guy you'll ever meet and I think he's straight but the gaydar was going off! HOT AS HELL!

  3. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan4/19/2010

    Oh My God! Never heard of him, but would like to see ALOT more!!! And the scene with the two roommates is kinds hot. The other roomate isn't bad on the eyes either.

  4. Now you know why I like OLTL so much! There is eyecandy aplently.

  5. Now that is how I like to start a Monday.Seeing a hot guy dump water down his chest and jeans!!! If only I fan into that, why I'd.....

  6. David is drop dead gorgeous! What a set of abs.


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