Thursday, August 12, 2021


The Mistress is taking a few weeks off to take  a mini vacation to the Woods ... then off to P-Town for some beach time and visit Pearly... and some time to just decompress and unplug from the internet. I'll return... unless a get taken by a bear, or eaten by a whale on the cape. In the meantime while I'm gone,  I thought a parlor game could be fun in the essence of our Anne Marie, who loved 2 Truths and a Lie.  Only I'll give five answers, you guess the lie or lies in some cases. How well do you think you know this tart? And who knows, maybe the guest with the correct answers of all the questions, or who ever gets the most right,  will win a little care package from the Casa du Borghese. It won't be my personal package. I don't know how I would mail that. But if you really want it, I'll figure something out. Good luck to all and remember, when tempted by two evils, try the one you haven't tried before. Answers supplied upon return. See ya in a couple weeks. 

1.The Mistress loves her men. Of the men I  slept dated, or was in a relationship with, they all had various professions. Which is the lie.

1-stock broker


3- college professor


5-Polictical Chief of Staff 

2-As you know, I love to travel. I have traveled to these places Which is a lie?

1-Vienna, Austria

2- Nairobi, Kenya

3- Buenos Aires, Argentina

4- Budapest Hungary

5- Amsterdam, Netherlands

3-The Mistress can be very salacious. Which of these is a lie?

1- Was in a porn

2- Posed naked

3- Taken naked selfies

4- do naughtiness on a Only Fans

5- Sat naked for an artist friend

4-I have many facets to my career so far. Which of these is a lie?

1- Visual Display Stylist

2- Regional Merchandising Visual Manager

3- Interior Designer

4- Landscape Designer

5-Model home Stager

5-My weekly feature In Three Words seems to be popular each week. These people have been featured Which is a lie?

1-Eva Peron

2-Mike Pence

3- Sophia Loren

4- Britney Spears

5-Rodney Dangerfield

6- Im an open person. Which of these relationships is a lie.

1- Threesomes for fun

2-Three months dating a woman

3-a throuple relationship 

4- Dated a straight couple.

5-Seeing two different men.

7-  We have a nice family history. I'm a blend of these nationalities. Which is the lie?

1- Czehoslovakia

2- Italy

3- Holland

4- Ireland

5- Switzerland

8-I love me a good cock-a-tail when out...after all there is always time for a cock-a-tail. My tab can get ugly. These would be on my tab. Which is the lie.

1- whiskey on the rocks

2- Pimm's Cup

3- Gin and Tonic

4- Melon Ball

5- Mojitio

9- I love shoes and will gladly wear any of these upon my feet. Which is the lie. And if ANYONE gets this wrong, you may find yourself baned from the Casa du Borghese

1- Brogues

2- Converse  chucks

3- High heeled Stilettos

4- Biker boots

5- Crocs

10- And finally, I love men!!!!! But I don't prefer some. Which is the lie?


2- South American


4- Asian

5- Scandinavian

HAAAAAA! I threw the last in to see if you were paying attention. I actually only prefer two kinds of men... Foreign and domestic! 



  1. Oh my I will miss you. You haven't a parlor game in ages. I don't know, but I'm game and I know some, so Ill take a stab. 1-2, 2-2 and 4? Im not sure about Budapest. 3-1. I don't know what only fans is. 4-Oh dear. It either 4 or 5. Ill go with 4. 5-I could chest and go back through, but I say Mike Pence was never featured. 6-I KNOW you said your a gold star gay so 2 and 4 have to be lies. 7-2 8- Oh dear. Ill go with 1. 9- 5!!!!!!!! I refuse to be banned from this blog!!!!! 10- HA,HA,HA,HA,HA and that is a TURTH!

    Safe travels dear, Ill miss you, it is never the same.

    1. I just thought I would pop around and see if you were back yet?

  2. Have fun and say "hello" to the boys.

  3. Travel safely and well.

  4. If your gonna be out of the office, that the way to sign it!!!!

    Now let me see if I can get these right. 1-#2, 2-#2 I don't remember you being to Keyna. 3-#1 I think. 4-#4, 5-#2, 6-#2 and #4. 7-#5 8-#4 9-#5. I don't want my ass beat.

    Have a swell time Maddie! Stay safe too.

  5. Enjoy, enjoy, and then enjoy some more! I haven't known you nearly as long as some of your followers, but I'll guess. 1. 2 You might have been involved with a fireman, but not firemen. 2. 2 3. I don't know. 5? 4. 4 5. 2 6. 4 7. 2 8. 1 9. 5! Never a croc in sight! 10. I know you love all men!

    I'm afraid I've failed miserably, but at least I know you would never wear crocs, and neither would I.


  6. As a newer reader, I know I wont get many right...but I do know you love your gin and despise CROCS! I know that much! I can't wait to see the answers.

    I haven't been to Provincetown in years!!!! I will look forward to your snap shots.

  7. I'm not playing, just in case the prize includes a chicken purse and the shoe that must not be named! Not that I'd win, but, just to be safe I abstain. You're gonna be missed, sugar. Have fun.

  8. Well, Mistress Maddie, I haven't followed your blog for very long, so I'm guessing at most of these answers: 1-5; 2-2; 3-1; 4-4; 5-5; 6-4; 7-5; 8-1; 9-5 (No Crocs!); and 10-none, LOL!

    Have a great holiday -- I KNOW you'll bring back lots of photos!

  9. Number games? I thought you knew I'm terrible at number games.

  10. 1/ You had 'em all, honey. They couldn't tell you what the did for a living - not because they were in the closet, but because their mouths were full.

    2/ I know three of those you have visited for sure because they had to close the airports after you left - all the gay boys in the country were booking flights to Philly. I know you want to go to Budapest, but I think that was because you liked it so much. So I am saying Kenya.

    3/Everybody has seen it, dear. And, I think you do know someone with a Fans Only Site... so, I am going to say never in a porn. Because had you been, they would have had to put you on the cover because you're so fabulous. Okay... sending this. I am only answering three at a time. BRB

  11. 4/ Model home... because we know how you run yours and those kinds of activities don't sell houses, honey. Or do they???

    5/ I need to read that Mike Pence one. I hope everybody read him like the filth he is! I don't think you did Rodney Dangerfield. Really? I wouldn't do him. I hear he doesn't reciprocate.

    6/ I am not qualified to answer. What is a troupe relationship? Were there costumes involved. Okay... I get it. You never dated a straight couple. Because if the guy was into you - he's not straight.

    Okay - sending this off and BRB - the reason I am doing this is because I was almost done last time and this app ate all my answers and I was going to just give up, but then THE APP wins.

  12. 7/ I know you've HAD more than a little green 'in' you... but you're not Irish. Wait. Maddie. That sounds Irish. Okay... I am saying you are no Swiss Miss... but your coloring. Hmmm. Ah. NO Italian. You've consumed a lot of it over the years - use a tissue, dear - but you're not Italian.

    8/ Are you a whiskey gurl? I think not. My other guess would be the Mojito because... those things are just all kinds of wrong.

    9/Aww... thank you for an easy one. Crocs. You have a sign at the end of the circle drive a the Casa - Crocs - Shoot On Sight!

    10/ As if. There is not a man you would not do. But I am going to say you have issues with Poles. I love them... their big dumb heads and those ears... Me? I sing Climb Every Mountain...

    Hon, I know I got most of these wrong, but I have no mind. I just love this game. I think you have new regular feature. I like playing this. Kizzes. Oh. And I will miss you. Be safe. Mask up! Have FUN! Take Pam with!

    1. Upton your answers had me in stiches!!!! Love your creativity.

  13. Bun-Bun8/12/2021

    "I actually only prefer two kinds of men... Foreign and domestic! " Your the biggest whore I know.

    I have never seen you pass up a man or a cocktail. Can Ptown handle both of us sluts?

    1. oh dear goddess. that town will never be the same!!!!!!!!!

    2. Oh will be like a hurricane hit the town. Do we have enough booze, men, and room at the Dick Dock?!?!?!?!?! Stay tuned all.......

  14. My, head is swimming with all the options. You lead such a fabulous life, all is possible so I don't know where to begin. I'll just wait for the answers :-)

  15. I know your prizes are fun and nice so count me in!!!! But I will miss you while your gone. What will the lumbersexual do???

    Ok, here it goes. 1- Toss up between college professor and doctor. But I think I remember you saying how boring the professor was. So 4. 2- #2 Kenya 3- You are saclious so I'm surprised you didn't do them all, but Cali dares you to get a Only Fans so I'm going with #1 and
    #4. I know you posed nude and you sat naked for a friend I know.

    4- #4 Landscape designer,

    5- #4 I cheated.

    6- #2, #4. I know for sure your a Gold Star gay!!!!

    7- Having seen your assets here and there and you talking in the past, it's #2. I never once remember you mentioning Italian. With the Czech, Dutch and Irish is it any wonder your popular with the boys!

    8- #1 Whiskey. I think you mentioned mojitos, Pimms Cup you love and of course the gin!

    9- #5 Crocs!!!! I aint get the shit beat out of me and have you go all Anna Wintour on my ass.

    And I figured the last was a trick question. Your the Liberty Island for men for the USofA.

  16. Enjoy. See you when you get back.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  17. 1. stock broker is a lie.
    2. Nairobi, Kenya is the lie.
    3-I’m thinking porn and Only Fans are not true.
    4-I think Model home Stager is a lie.
    5-It has to be Michael Elizabeth Pence as the lie.
    6. Dating a woman is a lie.
    7. No rhyme or reason but I think Ireland is the lie.
    8. I leaned toward Melon Ball, but I think Mojito.
    9. Oh honey … Crocs. Just give it away!
    10. I was thinking you probably never met a man you didn’t like!

    Have a faboosh time.

  18. Since I too am newer, the only ones I know for certain are-
    2- I think the whole question is a trick, you been to all of them I bet.
    5 You never featured Britney Spears.
    8- Melon Ball. I know once you mentioned you hate sweet drinks.
    9- We know how you feel about CROCS!

    If I even came close with those, I will come there to get your care package!

  19. My gal and I just got back from Ptown. You'll be happy to know that all places have a mask mask no entry and many places are requiring proof of vaccination to enter such as B&B's, cabarets, and many dinning and bar establishments. We only went out if off times. It was busy, but still not like in years past.

    Now on to this game. 1-Doctor is the lie. 2-4 is the lie. 3- I think you did them all, you naughty boy. 4-Lanscape Designer is the lie. 5-Mike Pence is the lie. 6- 2 is the lie. I want to say 4 too, but it wouldn't surprise me if you did date a straight couple. 7- 2and 5 is a lie. I know for sure you have Czech, Dutch and Irish. 8- Melon Ball is the lie. 9- DEFINELTY 5-CROCS!!!!

    Have a fabulous time.

  20. I won't even attempt this. I have been reading for years and the only two I know sure are 2- Kenya and Budapest you have yet been, and 9- Crocs! I should know 1...but I know for certain your long term ex was in politics, it's who lit your fire.

    Have a great time Mistress. The beach rejuvenation is awaiting you.

  21. you know, for the right price, i can be bought for the answers.

    1. What’s the right price? Otherwise, I’ll be doing a lot of wild guessing.

    2. I can be bought with booze , men, chocolate, or a Ulysses S. Grant will do.

  22. Well, here goes.
    1. Political chief of staff
    2. Nairobi, Kenya
    3. do naughtiness on Only Fans
    4. Landscape Designer
    5. Rodney Dangerfield
    6. Three months dating a woman
    7. Italy
    8. Whiskey
    9. Thanks for the freebie
    10. I knew there had to be a trick question!

  23. Dear Mistress, as you know we Brits are such a reserved peoples, so I hesitate to make any guesses this early in our's just not done I'm afraid. Ask me in about 20 years time and I would still decline to risk your reputation (mind you I will definitely be dead by then so that is one good reason that I won't be answering!). However I can go as far as to say you will be missed while you are on holiday - have a great time.

    1. lol!!!! Helen, the Mistress's reputation is already where his clothes and morals are...on the floor.

    2. Thank you Coco, for you had me smile - a honest and wide smile.
      I take it you won't mind if I quote you at my testosterone-driven place.

  24. See above - I am British, and Helen has put it so well.
    Have a wonderful time and I look forward to reading about your adventures.

  25. Yay!
    Have a great time, get a great tan and grab a man!
    And I know you're super talented and multifaceted, so I cannot even start answering those questions.

    Have fun!


  26. I have met you twice and been reading almost since the beginning so I hope I'm good with this.
    1- #2 2- #2 and #4 are lies. 3-#4 4-#4 5-Mike Pence has to be the lie! 6- #2 and #4. Easy. I know you told me you never even dated a woman. One of the Gold Star. 7-#5 8-#4 you can't stand sweet drinks. 9-#5. And 10 , well, all man kind thanks for you your service right behind the military.

    Have a blast while away. We hit Ptown on our way back from Hawaii.

  27. What fun, I can't wait to see what the answers will be. Have a great time while away!

  28. Travel safe! Look forward to the pics! xoxo

    I will come back and answer these and do some study on your blog before I answer. I didn't see anything against that in the fine print, lol!!!!! Though I think I know most. Maybe.

  29. I wish you fun and safe travels, emphasis on the fun. We'll miss ya.

    I think I know the Mistress well. 2,2,4,4,2,3,3,1 and 5.

    I still have the sunglasses I won years ago. They still look like new, and I think I'm going to wear them today when I run my errands.

  30. I'll give this a go. You've never been to Nairobi. You don't stage houses. Nobody is Swiss. You do not drink Melon Balls (insert double entendre here). Rodney Dangerfield? no. Done a porno...nope. You certainly don't wear Crocs. That having been said, I hope you have a wonderful time and git you sum!

  31. I too wish you a good time and see you soon.

  32. I've come by to say "Hello" and see you're headed out the door. "Have fun and stay safe!" I couldn't possible answer these questions having just arrived, but I hope you despise crocs as much as I do.

  33. Have Fun on your Vacay my Friend. Some of those I wouldn't dare to Guess, tho' the Crocs has to be a dead giveaway and I'm certain you enjoy the variety of men on the entire list on No. 10!

  34. 5,2,1,4,2,4,3,5,5. And I didn't bother with the last one. Enjoy your time off.

  35. Have fun. I know the answers to most of them, but I'll never give away your secrets. Ha!
    Hope you have a really good time. Will I have to crack the whip upon your immanent return again? Or send my houseboys over to help clean before your arrival --- again!?!?

  36. It's only been four days and I already miss your updates!

  37. 1-1-stock broker
    2- Nairobi, Kenya1-
    Was in a porn
    4- Landscape Designer
    4- Britney Spears
    4- Dated a straight couple.
    2- Italy1-
    whiskey on the rocks
    5- Crocs
    the only kind of man your wouldn't sleep with, is dead

  38. Enjoy, refresh, recharge, and get lots of booty!

  39. I think it's about time yu got back Mistress. If I get this right can I just get a date of your company instead? Ok ,,let's see.... 1-4 is the lie. 2- 2 & 4 are lies. 3-1 is the lie. 4- 4 & 5 are lies. 5-Brittant was never featured. 6- 2 & 4 is the lie. I know you said you never had relations with a woman. 7-2 is the lie. 8- Melon has to be the lie. 9-Crocs, duh!

    Hope you survived the Hurricane Herni up there.

  40. You are being missed, Mistress Maddie.
    Like he said: Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé.
    (French drama-poetry way to ask you to come back)

  41. Oh good your not back yet, that will give me time! 1- Doctor is the lie, 2 Nairobi is the lie, 3- Porn is the lie, 4- Landscape designer is the lie, but not sure, 5- Britney was never featured, 6- 2 and 4 are lies, 7- Italy and Switz are lies, 8- Melon Ball and Mojito are lies, 9- CROCS!

    I sure hope your having a nice time sweet cheeks.

  42. Hennnnnnny!!!!!!!!! You aint 't back yet????? I don't know I know any of these but I'm betting #3 is also a trick question. You dirty ho, you did them all.

  43. Oh Im so taking a stab at this. I like to think I have a elephant memory and we talked at length at the Woods when we met up. So here goes nothing. 1- 4 Doctor. 2- I know you have never been to Narirobi or Budapest. 3- Only Fans is the lie. 4- 4 and 5 are lies. You never did both. 5- Britney was never used in these posts. 6- 2and 4 are both lies. You said many times your a Gold Star Gay and never even kissed a woman. 7- Italy is the lie. 8- Melon Ball. You hate sweet drinks. 9- CROCS, DUH!

    Now get back here. We need some fun and entertainment and some eye candy and some dirty. Cant wait to see some pictures.

  44. Thanks to all who played....I promise to have the outcome and correct answers soon......


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