Monday, March 11, 2013

Boys Gone Wild this Monday......

 photo tumblr_m20iy7u1J61qjzwvbo1_500_zpsf69da2af.gif
......but today I have a personal day and the Lad also took off, so were doing a happy dance in our briefs this AM!!! You must think us weird to be dancing in our briefs. no? Then were off to breakfast and the Philadelphia Flower Show to check out the stems this year!
   photo tumblr_m20iy7u1J61qjzwvbo2_500_zpsf8608165.gif
You know, when I first became single again I thought I'd died and gone to hell. But then one day I met a bloke,the Lad,  he's not exactly a 19yo stud, but he functions just right when the moon is full, and the wind is in the right direction. And he is quite loopy, so it gives me a different perspective on life. He is sweet, and wise, sometimes. he'd perfect if he realized I was right in all things.LOL! I hate to admit it, but I'm quite lucky.
It's been one of those really gay mornings.
But first I guess we really should get dressed! Have a great Monday!


  1. How wonderful to be able to count our blessings when everyone seem to be so quick at whinning and complaining about everything all the time. It's the key to happiness.

    Happy Moanday to you dear and to your Lad.

  2. You gotta dance.
    Especially on a Monday!
    And in your drawers!

  3. Happy Monday to you also. Have a great week

  4. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Happy Monday!

  5. Did soneone say boys dancing in uderwear? Wish I was there to see that!

  6. And just like the blond, the Mistress's junk flops out just like that! Have a great Monday you too.

    1. lets hope the boys don't fall out. It'll take me and two houseboys to get it all back in place. And who has the energy.

  7. "but he functions just right when the moon is full, and the wind is in the right direction" LOL! But he's a Lad which implies young, hell, he's always ready!

  8. Huh.... yeah, and we don't get a hot video to see the underwear dance? I hope you have a greatd day.

  9. You guys are going to the Flowers Show? Didn't you get enough stem action last night?

  10. Happy Monday to you too! If I saw two guys dancing in briefs I'd wanna join in.

  11. I'd say "have a happy Monday" too but it sounds like you already are!

  12. I would love to be the neighboring window seeing that view!Hope you guys had a great day.


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