Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Refreshingly Green

About two weeks ago you may recall the Mistress was in DC for some pride fun and went to dinner with some friends. While there I par took of a new cock-a-tail, a gin and juice, and fell in love with it.Ahhhhhhhhhhh so refreshing on such a hot day. It was basically gin and cucumber juice. And I looooooooove cucumbers, and as you know, I do enjoy a nice cock-a-tail. So over the weekend I tried to see if I could copy the taste by making one! So when I got home Saturday night from being out at a lounge I tried. I started with these two main ingredients.

My two favorite things-gin and cucumbers. I started by peeling the cucumbers first, then cut the width into five pieces and then placed them in the food processor on chop. I then took the mush and placed it into a stainer and squeezed the mush with a wooden spoon over a glass bowl to catch the juice. I filled a high ball with ice, cucumber juice, gin, a little tonic and a pinch of lemon juice. I always free pour spirits so I don't know how much gin I used. But I have to say it was pretty close to the one I had. Of course I think a little sugar or simple syrup would have helped just a little, as it was a tad tart. But I did enjoy about three of them anyhow. To be honest I could just drink cucumber juice by it self.

The Mistress decided that cucumber juice not only makes a refreshing, slightly sweet beverage for a hot summer afternoon, but it looks darn pretty, too! And I'm here to tell ya it was very refreshing! And mind altering!

PS- By the color of the gin cock-a-tail, you can tell I have a heavy hand!!!


  1. Good gawd! You a fricken bar tender too? Does look very good though!

  2. Oh does that ever look refreshing! I wonder how it would taste with rum?

  3. Now that does look good for a hot day! Except I don't like gin :(

  4. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan6/23/2010

    This does sound good! And if you were out drinking why did you go home and make more to drink? I don't know where you put it!

  5. I LOVE Cucumbers! I agree, I could just drink the juice by itself.

  6. Maddie I'm sold on the looks, but I'm not sure I'd like the taste. I'm more of a fruity drink guy, but I'll give anything a try once.


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