Monday, January 11, 2010

Love Boat Follies

Now don't even ask me how I came across the clip. Remember the show Love Boat? If you watched it you will probably remember seeing this then. It was one of my favorite episodes as I love me some MGM Girls. This show had the beauty and talent of the incredible Della Reese, Ethel Merman,Ann Miller,and Carol Channing.

All these gorgeous ladies were playing the parts of the various characters mothers or in-laws. They all had such good chemistry together with all their grande dame attitudes and banter, and I believe it was Ethel Merman's last filmed performance. And I just LOVE ANN MILLER. Always have. She was such a beautiful woman and that hair in the clip... it sure looks like it could with stand some very high winds!


  1. What a homage to four very fabulous women! Loved it!

  2. I've never seen that clip. Fantastic!


  3. I can only imagine your blog is the closest thing to being in your mind! You never know what 's coming next! Great clip.

  4. Girl, I love me some Ann Miller! I think she may have been my favorite star -hands down!


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