Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grande Dame of the Week

The Diva from Down Under.....Penny Tration!

Penny Tration was created almost overnight after a successful radio spot on Sydney's 96.9 AM radio. As her popularity grew so did her presence. The fact that Penny is "at least 7 feet tall with heels, hair and attitude" a quote given to her by RuPaul, is just the beginning. Apart from the usual fundraising,miming and dancing, Penny has taken drag further hosting trivia nights,gay bingo,speed dating,fashion parades,television spots and the annual spectacular New Years Eve events in Mumbi. And how can you not love her look and that name!!! If you ever get down under you can visit Penny at the C lounge on Thursdays, Tandoori Palace on Fridays, and The Midnight Shift Hotel also on Friday at midnight.


  1. Anonymous8/25/2009

    She looks like a wonderful performer. We should plan a trip to Down Under!

  2. Some of these names are priceless! Funny RuPaul line about her, but RuPaul is hilarious! I learn about more drag queens from your blog and Miss Ginger's!

  3. Ok that name alone is funny as hell! I love the camp of her!

  4. I've seen him as a man before and he is hot! And wonderful as a drag too. Love the name.


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