Friday, August 21, 2009

From the Candy Shop

Cody Cummings! Hot and Irresistible.

I thought I would break up the travel post with some nice hotness with Cody Cummings! Cody started out a model and now, you guessed it, a bi-porn star! While the Mistress has never seen one of his movies, I can tell already I think he is sexy as hell. And why do I think he is probably packing a huge weapon?


  1. oh MAddie...he's a cute one!


  2. Anonymous8/21/2009

    I have seen a few of his movies. Strictly as research of course. He is very sexy.

    In the movies I've seen he doesn't get involved with the other guy. He lays back and lets the other guy perform certain oral talents on his "talent."

    I want to see him go wild with another guy! If they throw enough money his way, he probably will!

  3. Maddie - you showed his peckerwood!!!

    See you in one week!


  4. I have seen plenty of Cody....he is way hot! And yes he is "big"!

  5. Wow! Just one night with that is all I'm asking for. Just one night.

  6. Michael- But of course it was just strictly research!!! And he does seem to have a very big "talent"!

  7. Oh Guuuurrrrrllllll, I know I saw me some penis! I like me a little penis. Now I just need one! He is hot!


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