Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A City by the Bay

Well dear readers, I thought I should get my act together and get my pictures in order for a few posts. Can I tell ya how hard it is to get back into work after being off for 11 days? It sucks. That's how. But I must say, the Mistress and Boy-Toy had a lovely time in San Francisco! The weather was fabulous with temps mostly in the mid to low 70's and sunny the whole time. We left last Friday in the afternoon and after a few glasses of wine at the airport lounge we arrived late afternoon Pacific Time. The purpose of the trip was actually for a conference the Boy-Toy wrote a paper for, and we thought why the hell not make a whole vacation out of it? We scheduled many things to see around the Boy-Toy's presentation (which was for one hour of the entire trip) so this gave us much time to see things. So most days, after breakfast we did much landmark sighting (and seeing of many hot Castro Boys). And yes, Cali-Boi, I am aware the sales of gin went up while I was present! During our days we went about the city touring and getting adventurous on our own. And we were very impressed by the local subway system! Very quick, clean and user friendly. Some of the sights we saw were:

Nob Hill

The famous Fairmont Hotel

View from the top of Nob Hill, which yes, like fools, we walked up the damn hill.

More views from Nob Hill, one of which features the TransAmerica Building. The views of this city are like no other I have ever seen. It seemed no matter where one stands there is always a spectacular view to see.

While on Nob Hill, we captured a fire escape for our dear Beth, who loves herself a few fire escapes! The second one is actually our dear Kailyn's fire escape at her old place of residence in Berkeley. Aren't they nice, Beth?

We also saw Lombard Street, the most crooked street in the country - and what a walk that was! The homes along there were just spectacular.

After all that walking up and down the hills we took one of the lovely trolleys back to our hotel. We hung off the side and waved and blew kisses to the passersby like a pair of fools! And what was neat about the whole trolley thing was that when the empty ones returned to the pick-up depot, they would line them up, till the filled trolley left. Two men would then move the next trolley to a turn table in the road, and then they would turn the whole trolley to face the right direction for departure! Neat, huh?

So as you can see, we saw many things in our first two days, not to mention the delish dinners and going out in the Castro-alot! Up next- Palace of the Arts and Fisherman's Wharf. Tootles.


  1. You, my dear, have an amazing life! I would so love to travel as much as you. Until then, vicarious living :-)

  2. Can hardly wait. My folks lived right up from Fisherman's Wharf, below Coit Tower.
    Looks like you had good weather! How did you manage that?!

  3. Coco de Mere8/20/2009

    Girl, it looks so beautiful. You really had nice weather. Everytime I was there is always rained.And your better than me walking those hills. My lazy ass takes the taxi's

  4. Looks like you guys really got around! Those hills you walked are totally a good work out. It is fun to walk those hills and feel the burn,plus look at guys! I'm heading in there next week to visit some friends. Now where are the guys?

  5. Anonymous8/20/2009

    Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!! Isn't travel wonderful!

  6. Mistress, what a beautiful trip! Can you believe this big fag hag has never been to San Fran? It looks like a stunning city and whay a good time you had. Was there much drinking?

  7. I'm traveling through you on this one, too! What was the Boy Toy's paper about? Impressive!

  8. You've made me homesick!
    And I thank you for that!

  9. oh must promise to take me with you next time you go. I promise I will drink lots of wine instead of water...I won't complain when you make me walk up that freaking hill, and I will blow lots of kisses to boys who don't want any from me!!!! Just so I can see those fire escapes...they are beautiful. Gwd, I'm strange....who loves a fire escape??!

    I love your take on things Maddie...I love to hear about your trips and see pictures of beautiful boys....but mostly, I love YOU! (and gin!)

  10. We drove down that damn crooked street once. I about killed Luis, or should I say he about killed me. I love san Fran!!!!

  11. I heart San Francisco!

  12. Oh how I miss San Fran! I was raised on Nob Hill but we moved when I was young! There is no city quite like it. I'm so glad you guys had a nice time!


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