Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Day in Napa Valley

The travels continue on our third day in San Francisco with our lovely hostess,Kailyn taking us on a whole lovely day of touring the California wine country. Yes, readers you're right, more drinking! And we're talking some real heavy drinkers here. The day started when Kailyn picked us up at the hotel and then we head to the Sonoma and Napa valley. On the way, she did a detour to show us Twin Peaks, a huge "hill" that offered spectacular views and a 360 degree view of the city. And what was interesting was the fog. I had never seen anything like it. From up on Twin Peaks you couldn't even see the Golden Gate. And the fog was sort of eerie. You could see it move, and quite fast. In the evening, we watched from our hotel room, the fog just moved from the bay right through the city and in less than an hour the city was covered and we couldn't even see like two blocks from the hotel!

Then it was off to the wine tasting. The first stop was in the beautiful Sonoma Valley at the vineyard Viansa.

Viansa was, I think, our favorite that day. Viansa was not only a winery, but seemed like a mecca of beauty. It offered some very tasty wines, delicious fruit and all kinds of cheese, beautiful gardens, a knowledgeable and friendly staff (they would have to be to put up with our drunk asses) and spectacular views. Unfortunately, all the wines they produce can only be purchased right at the winery, so I have a feeling Kailyn will be sending us some "olive oil" in the future! ;) After arriving, we entered the main gallery where the tasting takes place and where you can also purchase other items they make there. All I can say is their wines were some of the best U.S. wines I have ever had! After trying like 4 or 5 or 10 different wines, we finally decided what to have, and took our wine and cheese to take a table outside to appreciate the lovely views.

And here was us enjoying all this good living!

And this was moi trying to taste the good stuff they don't share!

Next stop,Domaine Carneros.

The Domaine Carneros was in the Nape Valley and had more of a feel of Italian villa winery. Unlike Viansa, Domaine Carneros' speciality is sparkling wines! I mean, you know, we just had to try them too! And they were all very good from what I can remember. By time we got there we were all a little buzzed. Domaine Carneros also was very beautiful with vineyards, gardens, a tasty food selection, and mind altering sparkling wines. At this place, one sits in a grand tasting room where you enjoy the wines.

And we did as you can see.

And here are some others view of the Domaine Carneros.

After leaving the wine country feeling pretty good and all, Kailyn then detoured us through Berkeley, where Boy-Toy wanted to visit some of the college stores and see the campus and also wanted to get some tees and a sweatshirt or two as he loves himself some college teams. I have to admit it was a very beautiful college town. And the men weren't bad either! We finally arrived back in town that night. Kailyn decided she had had enough of our asses and was going to leave as she had to work the next day. On the way to her car, some people from the conference ran into us and invited us to a gay social for drinks. Just what we needed! So I talked Kailyn into going with us. It was pretty fun, but after a while of all this sociology talk,we headed to the Castro for some serious drinking! Kailyn never did leave till like almost 12:30 that night! We're such bad influences! So, it was a lovely day and Kailyn, we can't thank you enough for such one of the most perfect days we have had! It will always be a special day! Cheers!


  1. Looks like it was a real good time! I have to get to the napa sometime. I'm like not far,but I have never seen it. And you guys sure did hit the castro alot didn't you! Hmmmmmmmm.

  2. I can just imagine what it was like to go there. So scenic. And it sounds like you all enjoyed the wine!

  3. I love Domaine Carneros!
    I used to pretend i was Krystal Carrington........or, in an homage to PRs6: Qrystal Qarrington.....whenever we went up there!

    Beautiful pictures. Great memories. We kidnapped a dog once when we went winetasting!

  4. Let no grape go untasted!
    (Though WA vineyards are hot on their heals!)

  5. OH, how beautiful! I would love to go ouy there some day. I can't believe this fag hag has never been out there! It's on the list now. It looks like it goes on forever with vineyards. Next year I'm so there! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bob- since you use to live there, I'm really enjoying your comments. And you crack me up over the Crystal Carrington play thing. But who was Alexis?

  7. Coco de Mere8/22/2009

    Mistress- it looks like you had the best time and how good you look. Well preseved and I'm betting pickled! Just beautiful take on the vacation.

  8. Going to work that next day was hellish but so worth it. Miss y'all.

  9. Mistress Maddie, it looks like you had a terrific time and you look so happy and relaxed in the pictures. Beautiful photos and a great stories to go along with them. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. Looks like a lovely visit to "the wine section of CA", as Kathy Griffin's mother says.

  11. It's beautiful there! So good to see Kailyn and you and the Boy Toy having such a grand time!


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