Thursday, January 12, 2023


Well, we were back last week darlings. As if I could stay away with three drag sisters to support. But the jury is still out on if I will watch another US season of the show, as I stated in last week's post. But no denying this group started off with a bang compared to other seasons.  And while the machinations and manipulations of the show's producers can sometimes get a little tiresome, as does the show's creative stagnancy, there's no denying it's fun to watch a batch of new queens enter the workroom. While I'm glad they didn't do a week-to-week split premiere, I still wish they would just let all the queens enter at once. Like the other queens don't know by now there will be another 7 or 8 queens. Overall, I thought the first show was fairly entertaining. And I caught hell from many of my friends, telling me Mistress Isabelle Brooks was a huge bitch! They just don't get old school drag with reads and shade...mark my words...she will finish in the top 4.

Now that takes me too what I said about the show getting stagnant. Notice how many queens this season look like other queens from other seasons? No wonder the straights are confused!!!! Let's take a look....
Mistress Isabelle Brooks vs Eureka O'Hara

Malysia Babydoll Foxx vs Silky Nutmeg Ganache

Lux Noir London vs Symone

Jax vs Shangela

Princess Poppy vs Miz Cracker

Some could even urge that Loosey LaDuca's hair and make-up is very similar of that of Sherry Pie.

* I can't say I was very surprised with Irene DuBois leaving already and was not sorry to see her go. I think she made some fatale mistakes and had a bitchy attitude, riding on Bosco coattails, which in the end helped her very little. 

*Antera came out strong and will stay strong. LOVED HER. I was pretty sure she cinched the win when the talent and runway was completed and very well deserved.

* While I still think Robin Firce will finish on an early out, I absolutely loved her style and how eloquent she is, and bitch is flawless. I get a bit of Electra Abundance from Pose with this one.

*Having met the twins, but never seeing them perform, I think they did way better then I or anyone thought they'd do. Granted when your around them, one wants to drink heavier...but they are sweet. And huggy. I'm like no, do not get within 5 feet of my lips unless you're a gin and tonic hennies. I do think that Sugar will have an early out compared to Spice, who just has a more edgier performance style. Don't hate me girls if you read this!!!! Love you.

* The jury is still out on Marica. I still think she'll round out at 6th. While she is creative, I hope her whole schtick isn't based on the clueless look, and the Marica Brady character... or girlfriend will be getting scolded by Ms. Visage, and rightly so.

*My underdog for the season is Salina EsTitties!!!!! 
She had me rolling the whole show and is what I look for in a queen when I go to their show. Loud, bold, trashy, sassy, and campy. She is so West Village queen of the mid to late 90's I used to love seeing. Girlfriend never shuts down...and I'm betting will do comedy very good. I want to go out and drink with her so bad, and she doesn't even drink!!!! I still think she'll round out the top five.

I will stand by my assessment from the last post, and I think the top 4 will still be Mistress Isabelle, Anetra, Sasha Colby and Lux.

What did you kids think?


  1. OMG!!! Until you posted this, I had no idea the resemblances!!!!

    I sometimes wonder about these huge or 2 part openers. Personally, I don't think we need 16 contestants. As much as I enjoyed the photoshoot mini-challenge, there were too many for me to bother to keep track of.

    The talent show I think highlights this. I found it disappointing that 3/4 of them did just a lipsynch. Most of them were fine, but did didn't feel outstanding. Where was the talent? Granted Anetra took it up 3 levels and Jax was impressive as well in their respective performances. When you compare it to the talent shows of Drag Race Espana Italy or Holland, I think this kind of challenge should be used sparingly in later seasons. Lip synch is in a drag queens wheelhouse. The talent should be of other variety, like real singing, a music instrument, an interpretive dance...a talent of some sort.

    Anyway.... Anetra is majorly fierce. Marcia is endearing.... if limited. Luxx feels annoying in that delusion attention seeking way. And I thought Mistress Isabelle seemed genuinely lovely.

    1. I totally agree with the Talent Show. How was every queen allowed to do a lip sync??? Kudo's to Princess Poppy for thinking outside the box. I think of a traditional talent show with this task. Remember Trixie Mattel playing the ukulele? Like you said, lip synch automatically comes with the territory, and we see it all season.

  2. I agree with all of your points! And wow, some of these queens do look like other queens. I think at this point, the US version has seen what it will with drag. Sasha Colby is iconic...Mother has arrived, but I don't think she should be on the show. I adore her. but she is already HUGE in the international drag scene and is booked solid almost three years out.

    1. I do like Sasha too, but let's give more unknown queens the foot up, not someone who has been long established with a career in drag. Hence why she won't get the title. She is there to keep rating for fans till the end me thinks.

  3. Excellent points! While the show is wearing, I still can muster some energy to watch. And didn't Irene also look like past queen Shannel?!?!?!?!

    1. ANOTHER ONE!!!! Your right!!!! Style and contacts!!!!

  4.!!! Mistress Isabelle I should say, reminds me a little of Bianca, in that she will shade you viciously and without remorse but also seems to have a good heart and a willingness to take younger queens (Adore, the twins) under her wing and nurture them. You two must share a lot of traits.

  5. Eureka O'Hara: I love the genius of this name
    penultimate: looks a bit like Lady Gaga.

  6. So much Connecticut representation! There's a sentence I never expected to say about Drag Race. I have seen Robin many times and is one of the most polished, flawless of queens I've seen here. I'm rooting for her, even though I don't know she'll be what they're looking for.

    Could not stand Irene or Amethyst thought. One down, one to go. We will see if your right.

  7. Omg!!! Yes, can you say dogglegangers?!?!? That is the downfall of the series. I think with the "formula" of drag these days, we will only see the same queens now over and over again. hence why I have more joy and respect for queens like Bunny, Coco Peru, Jacke Beat, Varla, Miss Richfield and Dina Martina...they carved their own legacies don't follow a formula and are their own unique acts.

    I did and do adore the twins, but I don't know I'd want to see a drag show of theirs. I have low expectations for them. They are pure social media queens, which notoriously do not do well on Drag Race, except Aquaria, and look how boring she is.

    I do think you have the final four nailed girl. In your first post I agreed with someone saying it's appalling were on season 15 and a big girl has not won yet.

  8. Oh, YES!
    I need you to dig in and read these queens for filth. This is a perfect example why somebody who does drag is the best person to talk about this reality series. The similarities are merely apparent, though. Some of these girls this season do bear some resemblance to past queens but we cannot compare Simone with the girl this season...
    I think your top for are fantastic and I'm all for EsTitties as underdog!


  9. I did think Malysia Babydoll Foxx actually was Silky when I first saw her and wondered why she was back!

  10. The problem with a repetitive formula is that it gets old and tiresome after a while. Drag Race needs to dramatically shake up its formula.

  11. Those are pretty strong resemblances!


  12. Anonymous1/12/2023

    Pat Lark says,
    What do you think of Ru's new show, "Lingo?" Tried to watch last night. Ugh.

    1. Hate it. But them Im not a game show person.

  13. As someone who NEVER watches TV I cannot comment on performance, but how can I not back a lady called Lux Noir London?

  14. I don't know drag like you, but even I can tell the bottom half from the top half already. I enjoy the show still, but it's not exactly any queens game anymore like years ago. A top five sticks out strong every season anymore. I do think Mistress Isabelle and Anetra are my two favorites.


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