Thursday, April 18, 2019


Well, my dear Tim emailed me several weeks ago, to tell me I know my queens. Seems the dear ole gals have left in almost the order I said they would, at least till Ariel Versace was told to sashay away .I actually had her placed to leave at around 8. He also wanted to know my thoughts or if I would recap...but I don't have the time to recap, as I want to enjoy the show. That said  I do think the season has been very entertaining. And tonight's infamous Snatch Game will be aired which is generally a good time. If my girl Shuga does who I think she might, she may have this in the bag.  This season so far are my thoughts.

My top four have changed slightly. I still think Brooklyn Hytes and Arieka will make the top four. Brooklyn has always been top notch, but she could get knock down a peg with Snatch Game, she isn't famous for her impersonations...but she will be top four. Yvie has shocked the hell out of me, not knowing much about her. Yvie will make top four also. I am still rooting for my Nina. I think it would be nice if she won. She really knows her gay history and she is so positive, represents the community well and a swell queen, her shows really are entertaining. I think she will surprise us but good tonight in the Snatch Game. But I think it will be a toss up in top four. 
If Nina doesn't make top four...then I'm sure it will be either Silky or Plastique. No doubt Plastique is flawless....but could a name be more perfect for her?? She is Plastique with no personality. Sorry girl. Silky pictured below...I have a love hate relationship with. She is a great entertainer and a stunning beauty...but I have to agree with my fellow Philly/Jersey sister Ariel. A little of her goes A LONG WAY. No way in hell could I be backstage with someone like her, with all that cackling, and loud boisterous voice and antics. After an hour when the show ends I'm glad she is gone. Someone needs to stick a sweet roll in the pie hole.

I love my full of life, and her shows are quite something to see. I am a bit confused though why she isn't bringing her notable glam more to the show...but in the next week or two, I sadly think she and Vangie's time will be coming to an end. I was also sorry to see Scarlett leave so soon. Had she made it to tonight's episode, she would have no doubt won with her iconic impersonation with the legendary Yma Sumac.

What have you thought of the season so far?


  1. I agree about Nina. She may be just your typical camp drag queen, but her humor and personality just radiates. I would be honored to see one of her shows.

  2. Your right on with Brooklyn's impersonations...and yvie is not big on those either. They could both find themselves in the bottom tonight...and then will Ru instill a double save?


    I too am amazed at your placement. I keep looking back at the post you did.

  4. This is about to be one of the worst snatch game everrrrrrrr. I can never understand why the queens, don't portray more famous people... when will the queens understand they need to do funny people that they can pull off? I saw Nina do Joanne Worley once. Pricless! Is that who you think she'll do? She does many good ones.

  5. I'm expecting to see vanji doing cookie monster.

    I too adore Shuga and her personality. I could hang with her.

  6. Even when Silky wins...she looks miserable.

    I'd like to see Nina win too. She on all around good egg.

  7. Boy your good. I want to like Silky, but she comes across so mean and cant bury a hachette. I though us fat folk were suppose to be jolly? I couldn't believe the lip synch last night. Loved Nina.

  8. I dont know how silky won. Like Vanjie, I feel all she did was herself. She is pretty, but boy does she seem unhappy.

  9. When I watch, which admittedly is not every week, I am usually correct in which one will be leaving that night.
    Happy Friday, my friend!

  10. We're enjoying this year's Race and are pulling for Brooke Lynn Hytes! It's our patriotic duty as Canadians.

  11. Since I don't watch the show, and I'm very forgetful, I don't recall who most of these people are. I kind of like the one with the pink hair and boa. Boy, this sounds like I'm in a pet store shopping for a puppy!

  12. Good taste girl!!!! That's my Nina West!!!!! A real sweet heart.

  13. I love Nina, Brook Lynn and Shuga. Oh, and Evie.
    I'm no fan of Silky; I can't with her.

    Brook Lynn's runway last night? Amaze-balls! And the lip sync? Stun-ning!

  14. You KNOW your qweens!
    I cannot with Silky NG. She's just not a star. Entertaining? Yes. But she seems absolutely unaware and incapable of self-reflection. Vanjee and Yvie hugged it off but Silky sulked. Boo.
    I am totally into Brook Lynn. She KILLED that runway. Her snatch game sucked but hey. That was one lip-synch for the AGES. Yvie has a future.



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