Thursday, March 13, 2014


As you know, like Hera, Queen of the Gods, I love me some Peacocks, probably my favorite species of bird. If I had more room outdoors, I'd sooooo have three or four of them! I'm crazy like that... and every gift I give has a peacock feather attached!
So I just had to share these captivating fake-fingernails peacocks created by artist Laurel Roth. Her work has been shown in India, London, New York, Chicago and San Francisco. She also uses uses fake finger nails, nail polish, barrettes and false eyelashes to create her original “sculptures”....AMAZING....
These peacocks borrow human mating plumage, anthropomorphically showcasing our adaptations and natural orders as their own. They are made of fake fingernails, barrettes, nail polish, false eyelashes, and jewelry to represent the choices involved in biological processes that are unique to humankind. For as many times as I did drag , I could have made two of these myself!
Quite amazing , no?


  1. My Mother-In-Law has a peacock theme Christmas tree. It's stunning... as are these pieces you've shared with us. True works of art.

  2. Gorgeous! The Engineer grew up in a tiny farm town and someone actually had a couple of peacocks across the playground from them. It took a while to get used to their calls.

  3. Those with a penchant for curious plumage and a love of the unusual and unique. How curiously colourful - love it

  4. Some people have all the creativity!

  5. These are amazingly shocking and fabulous.

  6. So fun and cool! Talk about using your beauty supplies smart!

  7. pardon me,
    can a peahen get a
    polish change around here?

    1. I know you just want to get high off the nail remover fumes don't you?

  8. These are beautiful and amazing!

  9. Oy! who has the time? I'd just buy a peacock at Cocks'r'Us.

  10. Talk about clawing your eyes out! They are usual.


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