Sunday, March 9, 2014


Well dearies, here we go for part two of the Q&A, and I must admit, you asked some pretty probing questions in this batch, but then we know I like a good probing!!!!!!
Anne Marie-
How old is buster?
Buster Bolfig Borghese turned 5 this January, and is sweet as ever!!!
The Huntress-
Does Buster splash water out of his bowl? (I have a cat that does that!) Believe it or not , no! He does drink a lot, never splashes, and is also a very dainty eater.
Mahogany Empress-
From your post, you talk about you Mother and Aunt/Uncle. But seldom refer to your father. What's the story there? Did you have a relationship with him? I did. My father passed away of cancer back in 1999. He passed away on my first date with the ex!!! I was always closer with my mother and grandmother. My father was very old school and an authoritative figure. Very Archie Bunker. And a temper. He and my mother had a HUGE age difference, by like 27 years!!!! People thought I was his grandson. We always got along for the most part, but my half sister was his favorite. He was always very tough on me expectations wise, and would always make gay cracks when the news would report stories. I and my family never told him I was gay, but when I was in my first relationship I'm sure he knew, and was fine with it as long as I didn't bring anything up. In the later years there was less tension, after I moved out. Upon his death, the last thing he said was he was glad to have me for a son and was always happy I visited with him and my mother once a week for dinner. My other two half siblings hardly ever came around since they lived further away and had their own families. I also think that may have finally been his way of accepting me. 
Boy Morgan-
Well from the pictures you have posted you look in shape and from the full ones your quite cute, what's your nationality background? You are such a sweet talker I see! I am a pedigree of three nationalities... My mother parents were born in Czechoslovakia, my dad's mother was Irish, and his father was Dutch. So I have Czech, Dutch and Irish in my blood.
Mac and Madame Redfern -
Judging from your blog and pics, you're obviously a Fashionista. Did you inherit your sense of style or is it self taught? Who is your ultimate fashion icon?  and from the Madame...What are five fashion essentials for men? And if you had to name, who would you say are some good role models for men's fashion? Since these two almost go hand in hand , I put these two together. When I was young I always looked at fashion magazines, but my parents also had good fashion sense, no I would say it was a bit of both, but it really seems to come so naturally for me. I would say 5 things every guy should have is a good skin regimen, a decent pair of jeans to dress up or down since jeans are so versatile, a dark or neutral suit to wear to any occasion, or to use the jacket to mix in with another outfits.  A very good pair of shoes to go with suits or jeans, and at least one scarf to add pizazz to any outfit. Some of my fashion icons or role models are the following.......
David Beckham
David to me has the damn best style for any man I've seen. He wears everything so well and has fun with accessorizing. He is a major influence for most of my fashion.  Does denim looks very well.....
I am currently even considering this hair style next....
 David Gandy....
David is another major influence and always does the gentlemen thing very well. He is also not afraid to mix in accessories, and does the stubble thing the right way. He is constantly on my radar and go to.
Oliver Jackson Cohen does the jacket and jeans look very well with nice brogues.... which I'm very fond.
 When in the mood for a more bad boy or hipster look, Adam Levine does it so well.
Designer John Bartlett is a huge role model in the summer for some different looks
Mistress Maddie #1 Fan-
What would you say in your closet are the five things you own the most of? Oh dear have you seen my closet? I would have to say, I own the most of....1-denim, 2-sweaters 3-jackets or sports coats 4-scarves 5-underwear.
Anita Moorecock-
lets get to the juicy stuff......boxers, briefs, sport briefs, or commando? Sport brief trunks most of the time, but have also been known to go commando!
Miriam Webster-
You have aged well from the few pictures we have seen, what your damn secret? How old do you think I am lamb chop? But thanks for the compliment. Here is my secret....
Every day from left to right... Borghese Fango Mud Mask, Chanel Hydrating Moisture Creme, Chanel Firming Eye Creme, Chanel Firming Night Creme, Mor Honey Moisture Body Creme. My three stand by scents, Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford and my two favorite Hermes scents. My morning starts at 4:15am while most of you are still sleeping.! After my hot shower, it's followed by a good facial scrub followed by a bowl of water filled with ice. Not only does it wake me up, but tightens the skin and pores. It is then followed by the skin and eye Chanel cremes. Then off to the closet to dress. At night I use the Night Firming creme and the body creme. The body creme is from a company called Mor. I like their soap also,  as both contain honey and Vanilla Milk, both of which are natural and good for the skin. The Borghese Fango Mud is my favorite mask and I use that once weekly. I also get plenty of sleep. Work nights I'm in bed around 10pm, unless I have company!!!! With a evening naps sometimes.  Here's a video if you must see my morning ...
Pillow Talk
Anne Marie-
are you a size queen? Hell yes!!! But not on purpose. I just seem to be a magnet for the well endowed!!!!
how come a nice boy like you has never settled down? I have been twice. I was in a 2 year relationship and then my last was with the ex-Boy Toy... lasted 12 years. So after that ended girl, I was feeling my oats yet again!!!! A couple of my current beaus wants to settle, but I'm not ready just yet. I'm loving my independence still.
Cooper Lotterby-
Have you ever been in a relationship or are you just a fabulous bachelor? Yes and yes!!!! See above cutie pies.
I know you have met some other bloggers and readers, have you not got along with any? Slept with any? I have met many other bloggers and readers alike and they have all seemed just like their online personalities and all have been just so sweet and kind. And yes, there have been..... alas, two indiscretions!! I blame it on the gin!!!!
Clara Voyance-
what turns you on/off in the bedroom?  I would have to say being tied up from time to time is a huge turn on, and when my partner wants to undress me is also another. Kisses or licks behind the ear.... and you better stand back!!!!! Turn offs? Not wanting any sex of course! And if you can't be spontaneous that is also a turn off.
What would you say is your most embarrassing or shocking moment???  That's a tie. One time I got locked out of my apartment when a package got delivered. I was in the shower when I heard the door. I later opened the door to see the package was near the stairs. I walked out to grab it and the door shut. Luckily I had a key hidden in my door wreath, but wasn't quick enough and the neighbor guy came out. It was later a good laugh. The other time was when I first came out. I had a threesome one weekend with a couple. That Monday I had an interview for my first visual job, and low and behold the one guy was head of the human resource department!!!!!! He slipped my resume to the Visual Manager over the others.... I got the job needless to say.
Tomass Hawkke
What's the biggest risk you've taken to chase a dream? When I gave up my old life to be with the now ex-Boy Toy. I gave up a lot. But we are still very good friends and I love the area I live in now. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason.

Have you ever experienced a kiss that made your lips swell, your tongue thicken and lingered long enough to make the sunrise special? I 've had some good kisses but not like that yet! Are you volunteering?
Monkey Tamer-
we have heard of your nice ass and basket will we ever see pictures of them show up on the blog???? NO!!! I have no issues with my body, but my backside in jeans has been seen here, thanks to Anita Moorecock. Maybe a summer square cut picture will show up if your good!!!!
Miss Lady Finger-
Of all your current beau will one of the be the next lucky one? And do you still talk to the boy toy? Do you believe in love at first site? Of all the beaus I'm seeing they are all swell and have many talents gurl, but not at this time. The Lad seems to be my weakness and for all tense and purposes have been labeled dating long distance. He is ever mischievous which I adore. Love at first site? ABSOLUTELY, many times I have been.
Harrisburg Uptown Boys-
Where is the wildest place you had sex? What's the most taboo thing that would shock us to know? I'm quite fond of outdoor sex, and I 'd say with my one ex, we had a multiple session of sex on a golf course. I also have had sex with another suitor in a parking garage while hanging out the sunroof. That's was pretty historic info around town! My one taboo thing would have to be threesomes. I do enjoy a good one from time to time. The most shocking thing would have to be the triad relationship I had for a year and a half once. Would I do that again? No. But it was a beautiful feeling of love I never experienced. Were all still good friends though.
Hazard O' Leary-
Do you have any distinguishing moles? What an odd question. But I do have a mole in the shape of the words "Start Here" located d....never you mind!

Good Lord is it hot in here or is it the gin???? I hope y'all don't think any less of moi!  The last part coming soon..... Drag and Work.


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