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Oh well, here we are on the last leg of this Q&A!!!! It's been more nuts than watching a split premier of RuPaul's Drag Race!!!! THANK YOU everybody for your questions, it's been real fun answering them for you, and it was pretty interesting seeing what you all were wondering!!! Maybe down the road we can do it again. On this final post I will answer the work and drag questions.....
Madame Redfern-
This will be fun. First how did you get into visual styling? Well, that could be a long story.  My degree and background is actually in interior design. Upon graduating I had worked for two years for a design firm when I lived in Harrisburg. After the two years,  the firm went under and I was out of a job. Till I could get back in it, I took a job as a visual merchandiser for Pier I Imports, where they thought I could also assist customers with interior selections. Well I loved it and stayed with them for 8 years. I decided I liked making things pretty, so I wanted to get into visual styling at a department store. I worked for two local department stores before moving to the Philadelphia area where I went into a visual regional position with another company. But after 7 years with them the travel getting to much, I left them to my current job, probably my favorite of all my jobs, with a major upscale iconic department store. I do keep my hand in interior design by free lancing and have also been involved with three design show houses.
Miriam Webster-
Now I know you do some king of work in fashion, but what do you do exactly, and have you always did that for a living?  For the second half see above. Currently I do visual styling for a huge iconic department store. On a given day, I dress windows, major mannequin moments showcasing trends through out the store, production work and wall treatments for individual designer shops and entrance walls, floral arrangements, oversee the mechanising team with standards and fixture placement, coordinate fashion shows for in store events, and have also helped with personal shopping with our Head Personal Shopper. There is also once a season trips to showrooms to view the upcoming trends. Plus LOTS of little things. My highlight with this company was meeting Rachel Zoe and Jeremiah Brent. I have some pictures of my work from a week ago coming up soon.
Anne Marie- Oh look, it Anne Marie again!!!!!!!!
what was the best thing about dressing in drag? the worst? Well, the best thing would have to be the money you can raise for a good worth while charity, and the excitement you can give people from watching a show. The transformation to this day still amazes me. The worst thing? SHAVING! When I did/do drag, I shave my arms and legs completely, and I hate too since I and my beaus like my hairy legs.

                             the Huntress-
If RuPaul tried to recruit you for Drag Race, would you do it? If it was years ago, I would have in a heart beat!!!! But if it came out of the blue now, I would really have to brush up on some of my skills since I have retired from drag except for an occasional show. Plus I can't sew. When I did shows and went to parties, I have a lady I use to work with that makes everything to my specifications. But hair and make up, no problem. When I was involved in  drag,  I was a personality queen at clubs and parties, and was never into the pageantry stuff, so I don't know if I would like a competition setting.
Carmen Dioxide-
 I would love to know how you started doing drag, how did you get the name, and are you still active in drag? Well, like most queens it started with Halloween. Then after a scorned relationship I was over men and wanted nothing to do with them. Did I just say that???? anyway, since most guys were turned off by drag, I started to dress in drag more and more to keep men at bay! Problem was the drag got better and it got to the point where everybody wanted Maddie at the clubs and at private parties. The name was originally Madeline Borghese. Then Maddie. In or out of drag, if you, to this day, call me by my real name I won't even hear it. Say Maddie, and I hear that!!!! People often ask if it's short for Matthew. Mistress came along with bigger cities. I once saw two married men, unbeknownst to me, so Mistress was coined. Borghese from the cosmetics I used. Mistress Borghese was bore and stayed ever since. Maddie to close friends. After 15 years I decided to hang up the pumps as I begin working out, getting more muscular, and wanted to do other things, plus the time one needs for drag wasn't there,  and it was time to pass the torch. I still do maybe one or two shows a year for a worth while cause.
Clara Voyance-
what your favorite drag number?,  My three favorites were, Shirley Bassey's Get the Party Started,  and since I was a high NRG queen, Beyonc√©'s Green Light and Love on Top. I will say I can DANCE!  Last summer I also had fun with a drag king for a summer show. We did Will I Am's  Scream and Shout. We torn that thing up!!!! 
The Midnight Magpie-
Who would you name as the some of the best drag queens? These are the queens I would say, if they are in your neck of the woods....check them out, you WANT BE DISAPPOINTED..... I just love great make up, huge hair, and some camp...not to much fishiness.....
Lady Bunny- MY FAVORITE!!!
Felix Chevremont
                                                                    Miss Richfield 1981
Lola de Croix
Sharon Needles
Varla Jean Merman
Coco Peru
Bianca Del Rio
And as a special treat here are some pictures that the Professor took from the Mardi Gras show last week with yours truly and Thunder Showers.........
Miss Martini, Mistress M, Summer Clearance, Thunder Showers
Withering like a cheap whore in heat......
The New Hope local girls with a photo opt with us show girls..... I look so thrilled don't I?
And that is a wrap on the Mistress Q&A!!!!! Thanks for all your questions, it's been real fun playing. Maybe I'll give you the chance to probe me again sometime!!!!!!!!!


  1. yes, I would agree. You on the dance floor is like watching a cat in heat.

  2. What a great ending to this series. Nice backstory and you got some talents for sure. When I visited and we hit the town, I was in awe of you on the dance floor. You can move! I would love to see you in a show. RuPaul's Drag Race? Maybe you could be the first drag blogger on there!!!!!! A hoot!

  3. Fun to get to know more of you. :-)

  4. Honey, I can still picture the high kicks you did, and when the house music came on you would cut loose, the dance floor would part like the Red Sea, and the infamous runways would start!!! Not to mention all those elaborate wigs with hair accoutrements. FABULOUS!

  5. Dear. you could be the first interior designer Drag Queen!!!!! Now that would be fabulous. Loved seeing the pictures.

  6. *applause*

    Thanks for doing this. it was a lot of fun!

  7. Two things. I remember being at your place once while getting ready for a party. When you emerged, I couldn't believe the transformation!!!!!! I was like Where did he go? 2- when I worked at the store, it amazed me what you did there. It always looked incredible. So creative you are!

  8. Dare I call you Maddie now? I had no idea you did free lance interior design. I may have to look you up!!! The mistress is glamorous as I have thought. And your gams look great! Maybe I should hear heels more.

  9. I love your job but where is my care package? More importantly, what happened to my damn sand tarts?
    I must say that Maddie definitely knows fashion. He got that I'm a classic kind of gal who occasionally mixes in some trendy pieces. I live when he tells me about new designers that I might like.
    But more importantly, I may finally hit Philly this summer. They're going to have to stock up on gin.

    1. Sand tarts? I have never even tried them yet. I've heard stories.

  10. Another great Q&A! Never knew about the interior design!!! And the list of drag queens is a good one. You must have had some good times!

  11. Thanks for sharing so much of your self. I too wondered how you came up with that name! You certainly are talented!

  12. Well done, my friend... thanks for sharing. MHAW!!!

  13. I love this whole series, we really got to learn things,. I have been reading for some time and even I didn't know how or why you did drag! And you look great!

  14. Just another reason why I love you and your blog, always so interesting, and thank you for taking the time to do this for us! I have really enjoyed this.

  15. This was a great interview, Q&A, I really liked it! Well done! Now should we get together for a date, I'm single you know?!?!

  16. After reading all these Q&A'S you seem like an all-around awesome guy and very interesting. Why can't I ever meet people like you around where I live?

  17. Yes, I agree, you could tear up a dance floor! Love the list of drag queens you like, but I noticed I'm not on there!?!?!?!? That dress RuPaul is wearing is amazing.

  18. I never did ask any questions, I thought everybody did such a good job asking away. But loved the whole series of posts. You really are quite something! I just love your blog!

  19. What a treat to see the Mistress of the Casa!!!! I have really enjoyed your posts, even though I have met you several times.

  20. We have learned alot for blackmail!!!! That list of queens is great, what talent!

  21. Anonymous11/11/2016

    I love the department store scene in the film, "Mahogany". Diana Ross was great in that scene. I worked as a salesperson in the Ladies Shoes Dept. of a major retailer as a salesperson. These Latin hands have boosted many white calves in my career. Three pairs of shoes shown was a show. Five pairs of shoes shown was a sale.


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