Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Flaming Good Time

What a simply beautiful weekend! It was relaxing, we had a touch of culture, the weather was just perfect and I finally got to meet the great southern charmer, the fabulous Auntie Flame!

Isn't she just adorable! I wanted to pinch those cheeks all day. Auntie Flame authors the blog Babble On, and that is how we met. Anyhow she was in town this weekend with her good friend Tina for a teachers convention, and Auntie had some time to kill. So, we finally met and I have to say, it was like I have known her much longer,like a great friend. And is she a spit-fire! In addition to Auntie, my good friend and sister Mame, AKA David Dust was also in town to see our Auntie. And the poor thing was under the weather with a really sore throat and cold. I hope you're feeling a little better now girl! I'm still not sure if he came to see Auntie or get the sandtarts I made!!! Anywho, our day started out with a grand car tour to show Auntie Flame the different parts of the city and the historic district and then it was on to the Franklin Institute for some scientific mind food.

Upon entering the place we saw Big Ben first!

Then it was onto the Giant Heart that you can walk through. You follow the same path that blood flows in your heart. It's pretty neat...although it does get a little claustrophobic in there!

We saw many other exhibits, like the planetarium where Joy and I learned many things, and the Boy-Toy and Mame took a quick snooze. (Why, I never!) Then we saw the huge Foucault pendulum that knocks over little brass pegs as the earth rotates or something like that! This is the view from three stories above.

Joy caught the Mistress off guard when she said she was just fascinated by this! Then she explained how she liked big huge things swinging in front of her!!! Ah, a size queen! I then knew we were going to get along fabulously! After leaving the Institute we took this photo op of the three of us and then headed to lunch at Potbellies for some sandwiches with homemade bread.

We were to go then to the Edgar Allen Poe house but time was getting behind us, so we went to Joy's pilgrimage destination where she found much peace- The Naked Chocolate Cafe.

OH.Pure. Heaven. My favorite part of the day. We all enjoyed it, but Joy and myself were the only ones to par take of very rich, decadent beverages.

Mine. A very European style drinking chocolate. Pure heaven. But Joy's put mine to same.

Auntie Flame's cock-a-tail! See what I mean about size? I betting she was up all night.

And no trip to the cafe would be complete without a take home box of goodies!

After making a pig of ourselves at the cafe we then took Auntie Flame and Tina to their hotel. We were thinking of taking them to the gay clubs for some debauchery, we decided we felt sick after all the chocolate. So we bid a farewell, hugs and kisses and then I dropped off Mame at the train station. I miss Auntie already. It was such a pleasure meeting you Auntie Flame!


  1. What a great photo of the three of you!

  2. I LOVED it! Being with you was like seeing a friend I've known a long time - so comfortable and fun. I enjoyed every minute of it. "For some reason" I haven't wanted anything sweet since last night nor have I been hungry! I tasted one of the sand tarts you made me today, so I could let you know how delicious they are, but that was it!

    You were so sweet and generous with your time and gifts! Thank you so much, and I miss you, too! Wish we lived closer to each other. (p.s. if anyone wants to know about the sun, they know who to ask since we didn't sleep at the planetarium)

    Tina just loves you, too! Of course!!


  3. so glad y'all had fun

  4. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan11/22/2009

    What a great afternoon you all had. Joy would have put you all to shame at the clubs I'm betting.

  5. It was a beautiful weekend wasn't it? Joy looks so sweet! Girrrl you know I love the Naked Chocolate Cafe! I stop there like three times a week!

  6. Sounds like a FABULOUS time and what a great photo op!

  7. Wow! That chocolate... I should be exclaiming over the history and culture but that chocolate....

  8. Sounds like a great weekend for three great girlfriends!

  9. Looks like it was a great weekend Mistress! We should go to that cafe when I come to Philly. I know some fun things to do with chocolate.

  10. OMG!!! I KNOW how much fun ya'll had together!!! Wasn't it just the BEST??!! and the food and the drinks? WOW.

    I love ya and miss ya Maddie!


  11. Looks/sounds like a divine day!

    Mamie was looking especially BUTCH in her jean jacket. LOVE that photo of the 3 of you!!

    OMG, I must get myself to the Naked Chocolate Cafe.

  12. Looka like a fabulous weekend Mistress!

  13. Glad you all had a great visit :o) Joy and David are awesome.

  14. I just love David's Man Purse. I'm so jealous of ya'll
    love tug


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