Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Candy Shop

This is Jack Mackenroth.

You all remember the cute and adorable Jack from Project Runway don't you? I thought it was ashame he had to leave the season early on, but he is doing very good for himself. This is also Jack.

It looks like Jack as come into his own! Very nice indeed! Most of the beautiful photos are the work of Frank Louis Photography. Check out his site at


  1. I have met Jack a few times, and not only is he gorgeous, Jack is an absolute sweetheart.


  2. Anonymous11/27/2009

    He does look good! Great photos. I liked him on Runway.

  3. Yowza!!!
    I had no idea from the PR viewings that that whole package was so yummy!
    Hope the Holiday was special for you & The Toy!

  4. I never realized he had all those tattoos. I'm not a huge fan of tats, and especially those... they add nothing to his overall appearance. Some people can work them and some can't... he would be so much more attractive without them!

  5. Pretty boy!

    Btw, The book you sent me is absolutely riveting!

  6. I did like Jacl alot when he was on PR and I thought he probaby had a huge set of balls! And his ass is incredible with that jock on! Nice and tasty!

  7. He should have walked around in that jock on Project Runway!

  8. Very nice ... and naughty! :-)

  9. That boy has some ass on him. I'd hit it.


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