Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winehouse and Her New Jugs

My singing idol, Amy Winehouse, is back in London now after months in St.Lucia, a drug and alcohol addiction, and a divorce from her ex-slime ball of a husband, Blake. And now she is back, showing off her new ta-ta's! The Grammy winning singer showed a eye popping, busty, figure when she burst onto the scene in 2003, but was left emaciated and skeletal after years of heroin and alcohol abuse. Lately reports and paparazzi show her looking fairly well now, her color is back, and she even has put back on 20 pounds. And I have to admit her new boobies look pretty damn nice. Just right, and not too big. I don't mind her getting them. Lets face it. The poor thing was pretty flat chested to begin with. Some of the current picture I have seen, Amy looks way better than she did the last couple years, even the huge hair. Now mind ya, I don't dislike her hair at all. Hell ,the higher the hair the better. I'm for all over the top. And it is her trademark after all, but her hair even looks more smooth and not so wiry and all over the place. All I know is that the new man in her life must be very good for her. Amy's new album is still in the works and will probably be out sometime in early 2010. Her producer said she looks fabulous and sounds even better and she is trying very hard to keep on schedule with the recording of her tracks. So, do you think she's on the mend or will she fall off the wagon again? And what about her boobies?


  1. Amy's looking good.
    Now, give us some music!

  2. Love this girl and hope to hell she is on the mend. The Daily Mail reported that she was a mess at the Q awards a few weeks ago - but at least she showed up! Love the Ta Tas but wish to gawd she would stop wearing those damn ballet slippers. As a personal slave to the highest heels I can find (love my 5" mary janes) I just have to object to these on every level!

  3. Anonymous11/04/2009

    I bet she's got a 32-piece orchestra in that hair...Good for her!! Much better than a boom box.

    Glad she is doing better and can't wait to hear the new tracks!

  4. Mistress Maddie #1 Fan11/04/2009

    I think she is looking better, but I don't think she is quite there yet. I do love her music very much though.And the boobies do look pretty good.

  5. Jojo- I agree with you on the ballet slippers. Put them away already! I love a good 5-6" heel anyday.

    Bob- I agree you you too. Bring on the soulful music already!

  6. Beautiful new jugs, if I say so! I love her but hop to hell she stays clean. She has good and bad days, I hear. Love her music though.

  7. Girrrrrrrl you know I love me a little Winehouse. And I think she did pretty well with her tits. I have seen much more worse boob jobs than this.

  8. I hope she's doing better. She does look as if she is. At the rate she was going, she wasn't going to last long, and her music is sooooo good.


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