Thursday, October 31, 2019


Happy Hallowe'en ALL!!!!!👻
 It was a late night, and a early morning, so for this day,  on All Hallows, I have to submit a last few seasonal inspired snaps from the weekend at my friend's place with his cats, and in town, my favorite squirrel,  and last night's delight!


by Sheri-Ann O’Shea
Oh! Hallowe’en is  about the grave
Or ghosts or horrors fit to make men rave
It’s about black witches and black cats
Or goats or toads or spider webs or bats
There’s nought in it of skeletons in chains
Or blood or leering heads protruding brains
Or grinning pumpkins lighted from within
Or sound recordings making dreadful din
The moans and groans, the creaking door, the screams
The notion that your nightmares aren’t mere dreams
What sickness is it in us that craves fear?
And what perverse delight holds evil dear?
What view of education and of care
Sends children trick-or-treating every year
These cats!!!! My friend Dan's cats...the perfect Halloween cats, no? 
They really are sweet.
And last night at the party....
Who's ready to fly the friendly skies???


  1. coffee tea or me? eastern or pan am?

  2. Well I didn't expect that. But I was right. You look fabulous!
    The cat's are "Devon rex" they are lovely cats but very mischievous!

  3. Wait, I thought you were going to wear a costume? You are cute and so is that squirrel.

  4. Et tu, Maddie? Marry me!

    1. Tell me where ? A nude beach perhaps?

      Happy Halloween🎃👻🎃

  5. Great post, the town looks ready for the season and the cats are perfectly spooky. The uniform is fabu! Want you join me in the Mile High club?

    1. Like you have to ask. Wait till you find my Philadelphians Surprise!

  6. I was hoping for some Halloweenie .....

    1. Jusy what we need another bad influence around here.

  7. Happy Halloween!
    I’d like some tricks to celebrate,please.


  8. Samhain blessings to you, Mistress! What fabulous photos! And I love your costume!

  9. Happy Samhain to you, my friend. I hope last night's excursions don't interfere with you finding a few treats tonight!

  10. The costume looks amazing Mistress!!!! I'd most definitely fly your friendly sky's woth such style and panache.

    Those cats are definitely menacing looking and how exotic. Hope yoi have a great Halloween tonight.

  11. That costume is amazing!!!$ I think ypu should hand out your candy like that tonight.

  12. I thought you were going to play a trick, but no. Someone flew first class with that outfit. I love it!

  13. You know ill fly your friendly skies anytime! That is a amazing costumes. Leave it to you to be in the hospitality field!!!

    Love those cats. They look sp bad ads.

  14. You look great as always!!!! I love that costume. I also like that picture with the pumpkins on the railing.

  15. Such great photos. I’m ready to go back to bed. Fuck the friendly skies.


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