Monday, December 21, 2015


The lovely tree at the Plaza Hotel
This year more than any other, I found cities, towns and homes in general decorating more than normal, or is it just me? I always enjoy our work trips to the city. It's gives us a very fun day out of the store, and we all have the best time Not to mention at the beginning of the season, it really starts to get me in the mood.On with our tour of the windows!!!!
For those of you who me...I love me some Bendel's!!!  This store, it really is an institution with an enviable history. Established in 1885 by Henri Bendel, a native of Louisiana who moved to New York to become a milliner and then who later became one of the first US retailers to sell Chanel and adopt recognizable branding , like their signature Brown and White stripes,  this really is a corker of a store.  As one of the key concepts delivered by retailers in the know out there on the high street is they deliver personalization and customization customer service. The windows were geared toward gift giving definitely, very nice, but I admit to being just a tad  underwhelmed this year with the windows.  There was no ohhh's and awww's, but the inside was elegant as ever.
Meanwhile over at Barneys, the theme here was Chillin’ Out... and actual ice lockers were necessary to house an ice castle and a live artist who spends his days sculpting ice in the Barneys windows!!! Barney's always does some odd things, but I must admit these were pretty creative.
Our own store, a New York iconic location, went with a outside source this year. Florist Jeff Leatham lent his green thumb to our store for the holidays. And while these vitrines are pretty, they also appeal to the five senses with the peal of reindeer bells, the feel of floral walls and the scent of freshly cut pine.
We also toured down and around Fifth Avenue and Madison  Ave to see what the windows were bringing. Some of my favorites....
 How festive Harry Winston looked....
The windows of Louis Vuitton. A modern touch for sure!
Over at Fendi... BIG BALLS errr BULBS....
This was our first year to go to the Polo Mansion on Madison, and I highly recommend going there if your into interior design and architecture. It was extremely chic!
With the exception of Bendel's for candles and the Magnolia Café, my wallet was happy it escaped getting mugged again. And happy hour in the Village.


  1. another great tour! thank you for all. xoxoxox

  2. Weren’t they divine? The Polo Mansion is very chic!!! I love going in when visiting ny

  3. Thanks for posting these pictures as I probably never get to New York to see these, but so love a bit of sparkle. I've been thoroughly enjoying your blog this month

  4. Thanks for these tours. They have all been so nice but Barney's!!!!! Now that's me!!!!! as long as I don't get blue balls.

  5. Don't get me started on Harry Winston!!!!

  6. What a spectacular, dazzling tour! It's truly impossible to choose favorites. That tree in the Plaza Hotel is gorgeous.

  7. I think next year, I need a trip to New York.

  8. My my, I never realized that I could actually turn this shade of green.


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