Wednesday, December 30, 2015


This Grande Dame rounds out the last for the year....a stunning queen. As an immigrant from Korea, Kim Chi strives to represent the best of herself as a person, and the best of her Korean culture and heritage. Her name even comes from a traditional Korean dish. Since moving to the US, she is the toast of Chicago, with her show stopping performances and style. As anyone who has seen Kim Chi can tell, fashion and high-concept designs are a huge part of her drag. Kim says the elements of her drag are what allow her to stand out from the other queens in her community, with her fashion tendencies with great reverence for the art of designing. She always been fascinated by the world of over the top, avant-garde, conceptual fashion.  Kim says she loved everything Isabella Blow did visually with her crazy headpieces, and  loved Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh for pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a feminine silhouette. Through drag, Kim Chi is able to explore all the amazing elements of traditionally feminine characteristics that will allow her to bring her fashion designs to a whole new level.Kim Chi says this somewhat new passion has already begun to change her as a person and change the direction of her life. “Doing drag has inadvertently taught me so many things I never thought I’d ever learn in my lifetime. It helps expand my horizons as a visual artist and challenges me to push myself further.” Although she may have fallen into drag unexpectedly, like many queens, her career quickly took off from there. She'd be a hellva of a DragRacer, don't you think


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