Thursday, December 15, 2011

And The Winehouse Winners Are............

The Mistress apologizes for my absence, but was entertaining visiting family in the Lambertville area yesterday, and after a huge dinner and cock-a-tails, well, you know how that goes! So you may recall I had a little give-a-way last week besides myself!!!! In honor of the release of Amy Winehouse's new cd I decided to give away two copies that were given to me, from a friend I work with, who also works part time at a radio station. The bad news is I wish I could have given everybody who commented one, but the good news is he gave me more extra copies he got sooooooooo...... I am able to give more out, seven in total!!!! Before the Mother of the Mistress departed today she pulled the names out of my cock-a-tail shaker, but they were wet as I forgot I had just shaken a new gin and tonic! Jk! And the lucky winners are............................

1-RJ! RJ is a blogger who's blog is Heels and Martinis. Rj is relatively new to the Casa and I enjoy her talk of sports, football or baseball, or, well, something with balls, but I enjoy her shopping escapades, and her Simms 2 Family Updates.

2-Corey Jo! Cory Jo is also a blogger with two great and very different blogs! Her first is Monkey's and Windex. The blog features stories of her everyday life, featuring her hunky sailor husband, kids, and her new puppy and kittens! And things just for giggles. All this is why she probably needs the other blog, Corey's Dark Corner, and we'll leave it at that,wink!

3- Cello Josh! Cello Josh is a blog follower of mine for some time, and doesn't have a blog as far as I know. But then again he may be busy with playing the cello with the Philadelphia Symphony!

4-Bob! Our good ole Bob. I don't remember who found who, but Bob is a southern blogger whose blog is full of all kinds of news worthy GLBT news stories and a very loyal advocate. His blog, I Should be Laughing, features the above I mentioned, but lets be honest here, I love his catty and snarly side to asshat politicians, entertainment stars, all the way to the talentless Kashcows Kardashians, Whitless Hilton, and Loser Lohan!!!!!! And also we can't forget the music and the adorable, cute and cuddly animal clan he has!

5-Lady Finger! Miss Lady Finger is a pretty long reader of my blog, probably one of my first! Miss Lady Finger hails from Ann Harbor, and is in the tourism industry and also happens to be a drag queen part-time for almost 29 years!!!

6-MJ- MJ is another new reader of mine and seems to be quite the campy, funny and entertaining character who I have seen in my spots. Mj's blog, Infomanic, is filled with all kinds of camp, and vintage pictures good for some serious chuckles and I dare say penises in all kinds of cute little outfits and settings like cute little puppets!!!!

7-DeiselBoy- Mr. Deisel Boy is another followers and commenter and to my knowledge doesn't have a blog-yet! He is a cute little number from Hershey PA and does something or other for the government. All I know is I really need to have him for dinner, ok!

So my congrats to the winners again, and check out their blogs, they all like some love too. To the winners I will contact you through your blogs or you can email me at When I receive your address my assistant Anita Moorecock will mail out your Amy Winehouse care package cd and a little something extra from the Mistress!!!! Tootles!


  1. Ahhhhhh, yeah, how did I miss this?

  2. OH MY MISTRESS! I can't be a won anything. I 'm so looking forward to hearing it.....with your eccsence in the background! I may even have a cocktail! THANK-YOU!!!!!!!

  3. congrats to all the winners especially my girl CJ who introduced me to you. I love Amy winehouse and this album is the best

  4. Yes, how did I miss this too! Hell I'd settle for a visit!

  5. Anonymous12/15/2011

    I won. I won? :-) I usually don't have luck at winning drawings. Thank you!!!

  6. Well slap me silly and call me Lucille Ball! I can't believe my name was drawn. I'd have thought for sure my piece of paper would be at the bottom of the shaker sucking up what tidbits of the cock-a-tail was left over.

    Thanks Doll, and thanks for the shout out for both my blogs. This is a wonderful birthday present! I can't wait to see what the little extra is! *kiss*


    p.s. I'll email you my info ;)

  7. Congrats to all the winners who beat me out, the bastards.

  8. You like me!

    But really...I'm just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream.

    *clutches Amy Winehouse CD to heaving bosom and exits stage, trailing toilet tissue from stilettoed heel*


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