Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Yes dear ones...the Mistress is now off...yet again, with MM#1 Fan and other friends for a three part vacation. By time this posts we should be half way there. It will first be off to Provincetown for a split week trip for the fabulous Carnival Week and then into the next week, then it's off to the Woods Campground for our last appearance for the summer, then a three day stay in Rehoboth Beach. In betwixt all that, I will be off to see the entertaining Sherry Vine and Jackie Beat, who will coming to the Raven, meeting up with Pearly Gates in P-Town, and our fearless Warrior Queen, the one and only gin guzzling Anne- Marie for a afternoon lunch. All this while I try to look elegant in my water ski show from above!

So I will bid you adieu and return to regular blogging in September. When time permits I will try to pop round to you all. But we have a special post set for tomorrow......

Stay tuned and tootles!!!!

Taking us out, a good summer time classic travel song...some B'52'S.And love the early RuPaul.


  1. Have a wonderful, wonderful time and sunshine!

  2. I FUCKING LOVE THAT LOVE SHACK! (is that what you are calling the woods campground these days?)

    bluecoat better be distilling extra gin for our booze/conversation/laugh-filled luncheon!

  3. Have fun, and kiss Anne Marie's ring for me, willya?

    1. if I am lucky, the mistress will kiss my fat white ass! ;-)

  4. Didn't you come back like two days ago? Anyway, I hope you have fun!

  5. Have a grand time. I had Love Shack on my iPod yesterday. Must have been channeling The Mistress!

  6. Here one day gone the next...........

  7. That is a great song! But haven't you had enough Love Shack this summer already you salacious thing?

  8. The only difference is the water ski scene is you'll be naked. Have a blast!

  9. Maybe you'll meet your very own Fernando Lamas.

  10. I would swear you get around more than a STD!


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