Friday, June 9, 2017


I know I don't usually get worked up over reality television or competition shows because 1- I can't stand them, 2- We have reality all day, we need a source of escapism, and 3- who needs to hear all the fighting, yelling and bitching... of people I could give a rat's ass about. But I do enjoy RuPaul's Drag Race for many obvious reasons. But since one of the dragtestants was let go, I heard from queens I know, friends, and on the webs about fan favorite Valentina being voted off. All upset.
 I saw the show when it aired and immediately thought...oh no...she isn't removing the mask. Ru made her remove it and she sort of refused to lip-synch. That makes a couple queens this season who didn’t know the words to their songs or just did rather poor lip-synchs.

But after Valentina’s elimination, people flipped out and started posting pics of themselves crying and complaining. People, you liked Valentina and wanted her to win. Hell... she was one of my top picks. I adore Valentina, but she knew  going in, she would have to learn her song and refused to. Knowing some of the queens who have been on, the queens are given all the songs and challenges in advance before filming–so there’s no excuse she didn't know the words. If you refuse to sing on American Idol, you don’t win, I know that much. Are her fans really watching the show rooting for contestants who refuse to even do the challenges except in a half-hearted way? I have even seen online comments about how all of the Latina queens have now been sent home off Dragrace season 9- Donald Trump’s new America! This makes me angry because there were three casted this year. They would be really have to bitch had none been cast.

Second, in no way was Valentina chopped because she was Latina. She didn’t deliver in a challenge which might have redeemed herself.  I would venture that most of the queens I know think what Valentina did was bizarre and self-sabotaged herself.

Third, the "politically correct" person making this extreme reach is actually a professor of Latina queer studies at a university–which is even scarier if she is telling them nonsense like this. I hope that her powers of analysis are better than the two tweets I heard she sent expressing the same thing linking of Valentina’s exit and Trump. The professor of Latina studies couldn’t even tell that Jaymes Mansfield was Mexican. Protect queer Latina? She can’t even recognize them.

Fourth, even if Valentina was eliminated because RuPaul or the producers of the show have some grudge against Latinos, to imply that Drag Race is mimicking Trump’s America is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Season 9 was finished shooting by the time Trump was even elected.  Next thing you know this "professor" will think Katya Zamolodchikova is in cahoots with Trump as a Russian spy. Get a grip Queens.

That being said and on a side note.... I think the season has been pretty good and was predictable with what will happen on each show. With three of my choices from the beginning in the top four... Sasha Velour, Peppermint and Trinity, I feel as much as I love Peppermint...I'm seeing a top three of Sasha, Shea and Trinity. I think I'm rooting for a Sasha win....she is just so fresh and so out of the box with fresh ideas.


  1. Oblivious reasons? Darling, switch that word to obvious.

    1. Boy thank goodness for auto-correct! Thanks Norma💋

  2. I was sorry to see Valentina go, because she is a gorgeous queen plus a handsome guy, but I think she got too cocky, assumed she wouldn't have to lip sync for her life and didn't learn the song. I'm rooting for Sasha Velour too and yes, I think Katya is indeed a Russian spy.

  3. I love the show too, but I was not a fan of Valentina, she was so full of herself. No denying she looks fabulous, but for her to think she would never make the bottom two? I was very clear she was shocked to be in the bottom.

    And your right these queens should calm down. The gays I know don't like Sasha because she is not fishy. But damn the girl is hot and clever as hell.

    And that Latina professor should probably sit down.

  4. My guess is the good professor isn't playing with a full deck if she didn't see that the performance request was met with hesitation.

  5. I never watched the show, so I'm not qualified to comment....but I still enjoyed your post.

  6. I adored valentine, but I knew the minute she started to lip sync with that mask on she was going home ... and rightly so.
    It's called a Lip Sync For Your Life for a reason.

    Now, though, I am so team Sasha I cannot stand it. I love her in and out of drag.

  7. I'm team Sasha now that Valentina is out. You are correct, Valentina knew the rules, she didn't perform...she should be out. I said that the moment she didn't lipsynch.

  8. I am more than pleased with the top four, and will be happy for who ever wins.


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