Saturday, June 10, 2017


This may shock you, but I love quite the eclectic mix of music, and often love small unknown bands and independent musicians more so then main stream, and this Mid-state Pennsylvania band, Rivers' game plan for success is fairly simple: play anywhere and play often. Bars' clubs, fairs, loungers, coffeehouses, and even nursing homes they have played, just to get the music out there.  The three-man band met playing at open mics around Carlisle PA...Percussionist Matt Sinkovitz found singer/guitarist/banjoist Vince Yarnell, and then Vince found Joe at a coffee shop playing his upright bass. That was about two years ago. Since then, the band has pushed itself to play out at least three times a week. I had the pleasure to see them by pure luck as they were in a pub I was in once, in Philly, and fell in love with their sound.  Matt plays a variety of percussion instruments from a tambourine attached to his foot to shakers, and the whole thing is anchored by the cajon, a box that he sits on and hits with his hands. Joe plays upright bass and shares lead vocal duties with Vince who alternates between acoustic guitar and banjo. Rivers' sound can range from warm folk to rhythmic raps. They're very serious about playing music and about the business of running a band.  This is my favorite of theirs....Outta My Head  from our local PBS station.


  1. I quite like it.

  2. I too love it. I have been getting into music lately with banjos in it. I would totally love hanging out listening to this group.

  3. A talented bunch. Very cool sound. I too much prefer off the tract music and independent performers. Mainstream music has never been so boring and repetitive.

  4. I agree with Agnes. Mainstream has gotten so borrrrring. yawn. I much prefer the sound of this band and found I enjoyed listening to them. Off to you tube........

  5. It's cool they show joe showing how a cello does so much more. What a great group and the rhythm sounds amazing. Have you ever heard of Rhiannon Giddens? I bet you'd like her.

    1. I have heard of Rhiannon and LOVE her music.

  6. When one has got a ***need*** to work in a creative field, it's important to find others who will take it seriously, be dedicated, and focus on the art. The real test of a true artist, though, is whether he recognizes the talent of others and allows the spotlight to hit them, too. It appears these 3 have that.


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