Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Seattle's Skyscaper Hostess ...
 And no better queen to feature for Pride Month!!!As a professional Entertainer since 2001, Mama Tits's message is to bring as much laughter, strength and joy to as many people as possible. She's an activist and community builder at heart, and tries to create an environment that we all feel connected and free to be ourselves and live out loud. Mama Tits has been shoved into the limelight since her outstanding schooling of religious protesters since her infamous  pride event in Seattle. Mama Tits released a shot heard ’round the world! Seattle’s LGBTQ Pride festival was not short of its protesters, but this one year, one queen stood above the rest and spouted scripture right back to the bible bangers with a message that got through to the world, and shut them up. If you mess with Mama…. Mama’s not good to you! If your in the Seattle area, or live there, check her out.Mama Tits is most notably known in and around Seattle’s Capitol Hill as the Owner/Producer/Director and Star of “Mimosas with Mama”, now known as “Mimosas Cabaret” –  Seattle’s #1 and Longest running weekly Drag Brunch.


  1. I've seen the video of her at Seattle Pride. I love her style!

  2. Mama Tits! What a GREAT drag name! And she delivers!

  3. I'm living for that feather head dress!!!!!! She is quite amazing.

  4. Two knockers up!

    Happy Hump Day, mistress. Hugs!

  5. Such a stage presence! Have seen her and she's fabulous!

  6. She is fabulous and what a icon. Now I wish I could only pull off wearing a ring like that.


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