Friday, May 13, 2016

IT'S FRIDAY.......

It's Friday y'all, and I'm off for a four day weekend!!!!!
And as we know Friday brings about cock-a-tails, and I just tried a new one, perfect for the spring and summer months. Gin and cucumber are a match made in cocktail heaven, but adding fresh basil takes the classic combo to a whole other level.
cucumber slices
3 basil leaves
½ tbsp sugar
2 ounce gin
lime juice (to taste)
½ cup crushed ice
½ cup tonic water

Roll two basil leaves together, slicing them into smaller pieces.
Add sugar to glass, along with 1 ounce of gin, stirring until dissolved.
Add two cucumber slices and two sliced basil leaves, muddle 5-10 times.
Add lime juice to taste (I used about a teaspoon).
Add ½ cup crushed ice and ½ cup tonic water.
Make a cut halfway through your last cucumber slice, placing it in the rim of the glass along with a basil leaf for garnish.


  1. Happy weekend to you too. That's drinks sounds very refreshing.

  2. Now he's trying to get everybody drunk on the job.

  3. I had my first gin beverage last summer with cucumber in it......was amazed how refreshing it was. This sounds lovely too. Have a wonderful long weekend.

  4. And I believe you LITERALLY just had one too.

  5. Have a great weekend, and too bad I can't have one of those right now. I need one!

  6. I'm over this ready to leave and enjoy a cock a tail!. Or some tail. Which ever happens first.

  7. Oh snap, that is so cool, I'm going to have to try and make one.

  8. It is happy hour yet? This sounds yummy and refreshing a great way to start the weekend, even in crappy weather! Have a wonderful weekend !

  9. As Tallulah Brockman Bankhead would say, " I'll have another."

  10. drink up! ya never know when the next gin tanker truck will arrive at the casa!

  11. Have a great break, Mistress! The cucumber is a proud vegetable, so let it bask in your admiration before you slice it. :)

  12. Anonymous5/13/2016

    Can R jurst say how absolblutly brulliant fat gin recipe irs. Ah can even reach the fool jug face doom on the flour. Cheer Honey!

  13. Gin is always good for a Friday night. Or any night.

  14. Wow, that drink is practically a SALAD!

  15. Ingredients call for two ounces of Gin.
    Directions only mixed one ounce of Gin.
    What happened to the other ounce? 😉


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