Thursday, October 1, 2015


The chances are good you've never seen a queen like Anna Phylactic!
 To me she is a cross if drag queen Maddelynn Hatter and the Joker had a baby. Ms. Phylactic hails from Manchester, England and is quite a queen. It takes a great talent to come up with her unique look and style, and for that she gets kudos for her one of a kind style. Her look has  developed over time and started very club kid, and took a lot of inspiration from the 80s Blitz Kids and Taboo period. Leigh Bowery is a constant inspiration for her. Anna's looks can take weeks sometimes to put together or sometimes can be very last minute. Either way you know she is bringing a entertaining show before you. In addition to regular club dates and appearance schedule, she was one of three finalist on RuPauls Drag Race in a England version of the show and Marriot Hotels have appointed Anna Phylactic drag queen concierge. She will be welcoming guests to their rooms at key hotels during Pride events, for what will no doubt be a fabulous and memorable welcome.She gives guests the full works, as she will be “joining the hotel teams to check-in guests, direct them to their room and give hints and advice on the best places to enjoy in the cities. Imagine her checking you in!!!!


  1. She's delicious, and I do see a little Joker in her!

  2. I haven't seen a queen that was sort of creepy but very stylish like that since Sharon Needles or our very own Porcelain. Love all her color too

  3. Ms. Phylactic may have the best make up skills I've seen.

  4. Now she is what a call a unique queen. A female Joker for sure

  5. Right behind the East Coast queens, I'd say England's queen are right up there. Anna is WOW!


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