Thursday, September 11, 2014


I hate to admit this, but on my last vacation I got swept away with a guilty pleasure, in a marathon of the Real Housewives of Melbourne. This might be a complete shock since I generally loath reality tv. Give me Downton Abbey, Americian Horror Story, the Stain, and Grimm any day. I did watch the Real House Ho's of New Jersey though, since I met a few of them in the store where I work. But the Melbourne group, while still at times ankle biters, seems to be a much more fun group. And I love that every week they were off again to some fun function or locale.
That sound familiar to anyone???
I haven't heard yet if there will be a season , but if Bravo needs to add a gay poodle to join their circle for fun and frolic, I'M SO THERE!!!!! The Lad was quite appauled that I was even watching it, but he did note how similar I was to Chykia, above far right. He said your the peace maker, always in a good mood and always having fun. But on the other hand, your a lot like Gina, second from right. You both can be drag queens, always dressed, even if to go just to the grocery store, and I show up in Maddie time. Which means I show up when I'm good and ready.

Gina, the one I remind him of!!!! That may just cost him!!!!! But I must admit, I love a woman who can wear heels to do everything in....including a game of tennis!!!


  1. So glad to hear you enjoy the show. I have met Janet on several occasions when I'm in Melbourne, I'll have to relay your message! There will indeed be a second season, but Andrea won't be back. I don't know when the US will air the second season.

  2. worry not, when they do the real housewives of bucks county, I'm signing you up!

  3. I have watched all the season of all the housewives and would agree Melbourne's ladies definitely have more fun. The OC is the only one I CAN NOT STAND.

  4. As much as you travel and calavorte you could be on this season!

  5. Well since you admit to watching, I do too!!!!! I seem to like the Melbourne bunch the best.

  6. I was so thrilled to see a Real Housewives post on your blog (insert gay squeal here). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Melbourne ladies. I wouldn't mind being compared to Gina... she's my fave!

    1. Well don't tell anyone, but she mine too!


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