Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Misty Eyez has gone from “just another drag face” to a much-admired community sensation in less than 10 years. She did this through self-promotion and by becoming one of the community’s biggest supporters.Each year she performs hundreds of hours, pro bono, supporting almost any charity or fundraiser that asks her to help out — and many times they don’t have to ask as she usually asks them first if they need her assistance. It’s hard to find an important community event where Misty isn’t present. She is also the creator of the popular Trannie Palace on Sunday nights at Bill’s Filling Station on Wilton Drive. Misty has become a mentor to aspiring new talent and has a daily blog on YouTube called Misty Minutes, where she gives tips on everything from dating to applying mascara. Now that is a queen, and how it is done!


  1. I love Misty....She has really encouraged me to embrace who I am

  2. Go Misty! I love to hear about those who make our community great!

  3. Lawd I remember Misty when she was the Versace make up artist at a now closed, Naples FL store! Gave everyone....young and old, shy and bold, the "drag queen" eye.


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