Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I have been meaning to post this for the Mahogany Empress, who dropped me a email in my Ask the Mistress Box!!!!

 She asks " Mistress, since you pegged the last season so well on how the queens would do and almost had the order down to a T, plus called Bianca as the winner from the beginning, I was wondering what queens you thought may be on the next season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Or who would you like to see?"
I like a good challenge so why not!!! We will have to see if any of these queens will get on! Here is who I think would make a good season....
1-Mayhem Miller
Mayhem is beauty, talent and a precise performer who would be great to watch. She is also one of the names that is growing quickly on the drag scene with her bring down shows.
2-Cake Moss
Cake is a mover and shaker and also likes to shakes things up She also has some new elements she is bringing to drag. She would be one of the shit stirs I'm sure.
3-Miss Fame
Miss Fame would be phenomenal!!! If you thought Chad Michael's was polished, you haven't seen anything yet. Her drag is impeccable.
4-Maddelynn Hatter
Maddelynn Hatter has a unique style, which the name suits, and she is one of the most usually creative performance artist I have seen. Her shows really mesmerize me.
5-Kasha Davis
Ok, Kasha may be a bit older, but this bitch is funny as hell!!!! I have seen her several times and almost died with laughter. She would bring the comedy for sure. Would she win? No. But in the meantime, she make for some fun viewing.
6-Panti Bliss
Because we would need some international flavor. Panti is from Ireland. I really think like Bianca, she has a lot to offer, and wouldn't it be neat to see what this legendary activists could bring to the table? Style, humor, dance, song, the things legends are made of......
7-Melissa BeFierce
An entertaining queen who is a great dancer and pretty cool style, and I think the name says it all.
Like Sharon Needles, Porcelain has a very distinctive style, very dark and Gothic. This Philly queen has flawless make up technique and can put on one hell of a show...more like a circus!!!! Incredible stage presence. She always bring the house down and a very cool person, don't let the picture scare you.
9-Asia Persuasia
First off cool name!!!! Second, with singing, dancing and creative looks , she would be fun to watch and may even add some of drama. Upon seeing her perform once, a got a Jujubee vibe with more attitude though, a lot more!
Pearl has only been on the drag scene for about a year, but already is making waves and has some of the most creative looks and styles I've seen. I don't think the show has seen the likes of her yet. Course, I am partial to her look as yours truly also does  many hair accouterments like her! Think Jinkx meets Raja meets Courtney.
11-Bobbi Pinn
I would have to have Bobbi on for no other reason except for her humor and outrageousness!
12-Vita Opulence

Vita is another great performer,  your usual run of the mill memorable drag show, but her costumes and looks are so versatile, and she can nail just about any character, it would be interesting to see what she could bring to the show.
13-Eureka O'Hara
I feel Eureka would represent the big girl really well, and she is a sweet heart, funny and has very nice drag. She would bring what Darienne didn't.
14- Sissy Spastik
Now, if one could take Milk, Detox, and Raven and put them in a blender Sissy to me would be the result. The name alone tells one your in for some fun, and Sissy doesn't disappoint. If she made it on, I think I see her going pretty far. And she has some show stopping style y'all!!!!
So there you go Ms Empress!!!! Now let us wait and see! Tootles!


  1. I am familiar with most of these queens and I must say, this would make for one hell of a phenomenonal season!!!! Logo should hire you to help select queens!

  2. That is one great collections of queens! Of course you know id have to root for Porcelain! Love the names of them too.

  3. Well you are like a knowledgeable archive of drag.......this would be a entertaining season for sure. I think acid betty might be interesting too.

  4. Well, I noticed I'm NOT ON THE LIST!?! HMMMM,well,lol!

  5. Course I like me who girls, and how can ton not love Sissy Spastik!!!! Nice list.

  6. That's a pretty nice looking cast is I say so myself. Some of these names are funny as hell, and what I expect from a drag queen.

  7. Oh, I do hope you get your wishes. But know what? I would love to see a race dedicated to nothing but those large and in charge. Even the playing field. Kind of tired of the skinny and young getting all the attention. Just a thought. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  8. Love Panti, but I don't know she'd ever do this show. Great list otherwise!

  9. Boy nice wish list, but you REALLY wanna see a cat fight. I say let the litter fly!!!!

  10. I don't even know that much about drag, but this looks,like a great wish list! I do know of Kasha, she is funny as hell!

  11. I'm surprised we haven't seem Varla Jean or Hedda Lettuce on here yet. Nice list though........you know the queens.

  12. Wow. That would be a season to end all seasons! All of them looks so entertaining. I'd watch.

  13. Of course I love porcelain the best!

  14. This would be an amazing season!!!! I would love to see some of these queens on there! Panti could have been my impersonator years ago!!!!!!!!


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