Sunday, May 18, 2014


Well, you know dearies, I'm all about sharing some new music. So after being out last week, and this week being at tea dance, I have heard this song sweeping the club scene here in Philadelphia. I love it... as I like underground club music, and it has a smig of old school sound. Doesn't remind me at all of the Mistress being out on the club scene. I can tell you though, I danced my ass off lately.

did I really just use hashtag in my post title!?!? You know how I feel about hashtag in anything from this brunch post!!!!!!!!. I must be drunk.


  1. I have heard this, it's dope!

  2. 1 it's a very clever tune
    2 it sums up this generation really well and most girls use this lingo walking down the street just listen... omg omg lol
    3 no offence to this generation
    4 mobile phones will eventually be proven to be harmful to long term health
    5 everyone will be fucked up
    6 lemme take a selfie
    7 omg!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Is it sad that I know every single word to this song?

  4. Please, don't get the Mistress started on that hash tag rant again.....

    *running to fix her a huge cocktail*

  5. It's alright. #SorryNotSorry ;-)


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