Friday, May 16, 2014


Last weekend when the Mother arrived,she was quite surprised to find out that I had a action filled schedule for her. As you know, I took her to see Well-Strung String Quartet, and dinner before that. Sunday I cooked her a whole dinner here at the Casa. But Monday I took off and took her to Parx Casino. She loves herself some high roller games tables and slots. Me? Not so much. The only thing I gamble and high roll with is a few good men!!!! But she enjoys it,  and it was her weekend to have fun. Usually I find casinos tacky looking, one reason I never cared to go to Las Vegas, with all that neon, theme hotels and just to much glitz. But being at Parx before, I knew they had phenomenal lighting. And this time I got the skinny from one of the clientele host on these gems.......
I found out these rondel chandeliers are created by master blower Rick Strini. And I thought I was a master blower!
Now celebrating  50 years in glass, a master in glass blowing and nationally recognized Rick Strini was one of the first artists to revive the age old tradition of Italian-European glass blowing in the United States.  Strini was influential in the start up of the 1960's Studio Glass movement and continues to this day making Art Glass. Each of Rick's works of art are individually crafted by his own hands. His brilliant artistry is only limited by the length of his arm and every nuance in shape, design, color and luminescence is derived from the heart and soul of the artist. Strini is rare among glass artists in that he controls the process from the beginning to the end. Part chemist, craftsman, artist , Rick creates a unique hot glass palette for each piece and personally signs and dates each one. I just love the vibrant colors........

I have never seen anything like them!!! So artistic and eye catching no? Parx definelty prides itself on supporting the arts. Outside, at the entrance is this object de art....
This monumental sculpture of a regal 25-ton horse head has literally crossed the pond for its new home at the legendary casino and racetrack. Parx Casino welcomed the internationally acclaimed sculpture “Horse at Water” ,a 34-foot high bronze masterpiece and is on public display in America for the first time after having been at one of London’s most famous landmarks, the Marble Arch. The sculpture is the work  of Nic Fiddian-Green, known internationally for his massive renderings of horses. As a display of public art, the horse head is at the entrance to the casino and track in an expansive landscaped area, and it pays homage to Parx with their involvement in the equine world and the sculpture honors that origin. I could have probably sat in the nostril of the horse's nose.
Back inside,  more sparkling glitters to catch my attention....
We grabbed a cock-a-tail or two at the Parx Grill before hitting the slots.
It was a very good time, and the good news was my Mother doubled her money,  and I made $160 extra I didn't go in with. That's a night of  G&T'S for the Mistress.
 Special Thanks to Parx Casino and Race Track for allowing me to snap some pictures of the beautiful lighting and for their info about the artist and lighting.


  1. sweet mother of pearl! such pretty things! have a great weekend, mistress!

  2. Very purty-ful. And I'm impressed at the winnings!

  3. Sounds like you showed your mother a good time. I remember going to Parx for the first time, and I had wondered about those chandeliers, there gorgeous.

  4. Some of those glass pieces remind me of Chihuly's work. Gorgeous!

  5. The glass art is stunning. Reminds me of the lobby of the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

  6. wow, those are gorgeous!!! Some people have all the talent.

  7. Beautiful lighting!!! Those are amazing! And not to worry. Word on the street is your a master blower!!!!!

  8. Those lights and chandliers are pretty amazing. I think I was pass there once while in Philadelphia. I remember seeing the huge horsehead and thinking of the Godfather.

  9. Wow!!!! Those art chandeliers are just that-works of art!!! We love the slots machines so we are glad their is a casino near by.

  10. Wow..Those lights and chandliers are pretty amazing. I think I was pass there once while in Philadelphia.but i know one goodbeautiful & stylish glass arts, Strini Art Glass Custom Lighting welcomes you to have a look at the innovative glass designing by Rick Strini, a nationally recognized master in glass blowing. The finely made art glass lamps, chandeliers, ceiling glass compel you to view glass through a different perspective other than its regular use.


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